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Winter Activities for Seniors

During the chilly winter weather, it can be challenging to stay active, especially for seniors.

Safe winter activities can help seniors beat and avoid cabin fever, while keeping them active and healthy. It is important to note that some elderly individuals may require more physical activities than others and should consult their doctor directly for a prescribed exercise routine. As always, please consult a medical professional before participating in physical activity.

Fun Winter Activities

During the winter, activities that traditionally are done outside may no longer be an option, especially for seniors. Elderly individuals are more prone to being cold and should therefore be very careful being outside during the winter months, especially if the area experiences extreme cold temperatures or snow.

The following activities are safe for seniors and are bound to give them a warm fuzzy feeling this winter!

  • Brain games for seniors or memory games is the perfect way to settle in and have fun while keeping the mind sharp! Such games include picture puzzles, trivia questions and memory card games! Not only will these games keep the mind sharp, it will keep the whole family entertained while their aging loved ones reap the benefits!
  • Watching a movie appropriate for the whole family will bring everyone together to bond while keeping themselves entertained. Perhaps it’s a winter themed movie or maybe it’s just a classic! Of course, it is always best to let the elderly adult in the situation choose a movie that he or she will thoroughly enjoy!
  • Reading a good book can given seniors the perfect indoor activity for them to do during the winter season! Taking a trip to the local bookstore gives them a chance to select a few books to get them through the winter. Curling up by a fireplace, underneath a warm blanket and with a good book is the cure to any winter blues!
  • Take the outside exercise inside! With proper supervision and the clearance from their medical professionals, seniors can still exercise during the winter months! If they are unable to go outside due to cold temperatures, there are options that involve indoor recreational activities. Indoor aerobics, using light hand weights or simply walking on a treadmill will give them the physical activity that they need while staying warm.
  • Knitting, crocheting or other crafts can help pass the time and provide a great source of entertainment for elderly individuals during the winter months. Starting a project will give the senior something to work towards and accomplish at the end of the season, such as knitting a scarf or creating an item for a loved one. It is the perfect time for them to explore new hobbies that will keep them busy and warm!
  • Cooking and baking is the perfect way to spend time with loved ones without facing the frigid winter season! Using old family recipes or creating new delicious ones are a sure way to have fun with family members and create memories! Of course, it is advised to have multiple people in the kitchen during the cooking or baking session for safety purposes.
  • Video chatting or calling has never been easier for seniors! With multiple types of video chat devices available to the public, it is possible to spend time with loved ones despite the distance they face. Easy to use devices are tailored towards seniors and will give them the peace of mind to be able to speak with their loved ones without leaving the comfort of their own home!
  • Driving around the neighborhood to see the holiday lights is a great way to not only get out of the home for a bit but to appreciate the beauty of the winter months as well. With a responsible driver behind the wheel, seniors can take a look at their community decorated for the holidays and enjoy the fresh air!

Staying active during winter can be challenging, leading to seasonal depression. To avoid feelings of hopelessness, depression, anxiety or sadness, we encourage all seniors to continue to stay active during the winter months! If a senior needs assistance during the winter months, a caregiver can help facilitate a happy and healthy winter season! Caregivers can help with meal preparation, personal care, companionship or medication reminders, leaving more time for seniors to pursue their winter hobbies! It has never been easier to pick up a great winter hobby that will keep seniors happy and healthy! Enjoy!



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