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Wear Yellow For Seth

Seth is just like any regular 5 year old boy; he loves playing golf and watching T.V.

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24Hr HomeCare Sponsors ACMA- Arizona Chapter’s Second Annual Case Management Conference

The American Case Management Association-Arizona Chapter hosted its second Annual Case Management Conference on Saturday, February 21st, at the beautiful Scottsdale Plaza Resort in

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Veterans Benefits

Veterans Benefits

Are you or a loved one a veteran? Click here to see how you can qualify for veteran benefits.

Featured Service

Featured Service

Learn how 24Hr Home Care's Hospital to your Home program can provide a safe and easy transition from the hospital to the place you enjoy most - your home!


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When is a Caregiver Needed?

How do you know when it’s time to find a qualified caregiver for your aging loved ones?

Your loved ones may prefer staying at home in a comfortable, familiar environment as they age. They have been caring for themselves for as long as they remember, and want to retain as much of that independence as possible. As a result, your loved ones may shy away from asking for help. Despite difficulties with walking, preparing meals, and carrying out other daily activities, they may not express interest in transitioning into assisted living or nursing facilities. They may view this as a “burden” to you or a loss of their dignity.

24Hr HomeCare has been helping loved ones be comfortable for years. Our caregivers in the Los Angeles, throughout Orange County, Torrance, Walnut Creek, Palo Alto and San Diego areas have gone through one of the most through screening processes in the industry. We put our heart and soul into our work and help you with the transition to having a caregiver in your home.

Sometimes, it may be easier for you to recognize when hiring a Caregiver would benefit your elderly relative. In-home Caregivers can help balance their need for assistance with maintaining their independence. Caregivers can be at your loved one’s side when necessary, providing transportation to regularly scheduled doctor’s appointments, taking them on scheduled walks, and keeping the home clean, all while being a trusted companion.

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Creating a Nutrition Plan for Seniors

Over the years, 24Hr HomeCare has provided home care in Los Angeles to thousands of seniors. We are adamant about helping and caring for all our clients. We’ve become intimately family with the importance of nutrition for seniors. We’ve taken our learnings and created a free health guide for those looking for a helpful roadmap.

Our bodies change over time. As we age, our bodies may struggle to absorb the nutrients it needs to function at its full potential. Metabolism gradually slows, along with our digestive system, and our appetites often change. However, modifying your diet can help you maintain optimal health at any age.

Creating a nutrition plan can help seniors manage chronic health issues, retain a strong immune system, increase mental clarity, and prevent weight loss and lightheadedness. Take the following 4 steps to plan for smart and healthy eating:

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