Veteran Benefits
Veteran Benefits
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Hospital to Your Home™
24Hr Home Care’s Hospital to your Home program can provide a safe and easy transition from the hospital to the place you enjoy most – your home!
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Proceeds to Charity
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When is a Caregiver Needed?

How do you know when it’s time to find a qualified caregiver for your aging loved ones?

Your loved ones may prefer staying at home in a comfortable, familiar environment as they age. They have been caring for themselves for as long as they remember, and want to retain as much of that independence as possible. As a result, your loved ones may shy away from asking for help. Despite difficulties with walking, preparing meals, and carrying out other daily activities, they may not express interest in transitioning into assisted living or nursing facilities. They may view this as a “burden” to you or a loss of their dignity.

24Hr HomeCare has been helping loved ones be comfortable for years. With offices and Caregivers in the Los Angeles, Orange County, Torrance, Walnut Creek, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Encino, Oxnard, Santa Clara, San Diego, Scottsdale, and Dallas areas, we are consistently regarded as the best source for trusted, local senior home care services. Our Caregivers must complete and pass through one of the most rigorous screening processes in the home care industry. We put our heart and soul into our work and will be there every step of the way as you introduce a Caregiver into your loved one’s home and your family’s life.

Sometimes, it may be easier for you to recognize when hiring a Caregiver would benefit your elderly relative. In-home Caregivers can help balance their need for assistance with maintaining their independence. Caregivers can be at your loved one’s side when necessary, providing transportation to regularly scheduled doctor’s appointments, taking them on scheduled walks, and keeping the home clean, all while being a trusted companion.

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What are some signs that it is the right time to find a helping hand?

  1. Meal preparation
    If your elderly loved one opts for frozen entrees or takeout from the restaurant around the corner every day, he or she may be having trouble with preparing nutritious meals. Cooking requires strength and balance they may no longer have, and forgetfulness may lead to over-cooking and burning foods. Caregivers can help with preparing meals, to prevent your loved one from developing eating habits that may lead to malnutrition and weight loss.
  2. Mobility
    An aging senior may struggle with unsteadiness and breathlessness when moving around, as ankle strength and lung capacity decrease. Your loved one may have trouble climbing stairs, or seem unbalanced when carrying the grocery bags from the car to the home. If these are difficult tasks for your loved one, it may be time to hire a Caregiver to help with mobility, to decrease the risk of becoming injured from a fall.
  3. Hygiene
    At times, a senior who was once mindful of their appearance and cleanliness may avoid bathing consistently and disregard changing into fresh clothes. This may be attributed to a decrease in sense of smell, or general discomfort with changing in and out of clothes or getting in and out of the tub. Caregivers can help with grooming, bathing, and incontinence, and are trained to do so in a way that preserves your loved one’s dignity.
Creating a Nutrition Plan for Seniors

Creating a Nutrition Plan for Seniors

Over the years, 24Hr HomeCare has provided home care in Los Angeles to thousands of seniors. We are adamant about helping and caring for all our clients. We’ve become intimately family with the importance of nutrition for seniors. We’ve taken our learnings and created a free health guide for those looking for a helpful roadmap.

Our bodies change over time. As we age, our bodies may struggle to absorb the nutrients it needs to function at its full potential. Metabolism gradually slows, along with our digestive system, and our appetites often change. However, modifying your diet can help you maintain optimal health at any age.

Creating a nutrition plan can help seniors manage chronic health issues, retain a strong immune system, increase mental clarity, and prevent weight loss and lightheadedness. Take the following 4 steps to plan for smart and healthy eating:

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  1. Record your current eating patterns
    Keep a food diary for a week, noting the foods you are eating, beverages you are drinking, portion size of each, and number of calories of each. Do this on weekdays and weekends. Be sure to make a record after each meal or snack, to keep from having to remember them at the end of the day.
  2. Analyze your nutritional needs
    Your nutritional needs may vary, depending on your activity level. A 1,600 calorie daily meal plan may meet the needs of inactive seniors, while active seniors may need 1,900~2,000 calories per day. Learn about proper water, mineral, vitamin, fiber, and fat intake, keeping food restrictions and allergies in mind. For guidelines on how to create a nutrition plan for specific diagnoses, place a request with 24Hr HomeCare for its new health guide, Whole 24™.
  3. Develop an easy-to-follow meal schedule
    Plan ahead by charting out every meal you’ll enjoy for the next week. Do your grocery shopping in advance, picking up all the ingredients you need to prepare your meals. You may cook a large amount of food at a time, as long as it is carefully preserved, and consume the appropriate proportions at the appropriate times. Take into consideration visits to restaurants and events you will be attending.
  4. Stick to your plan
    Choose foods that are both nutritious and delicious. Gradually cut down on unhealthy foods you may be used to eating, and slowly add in more vegetables, fruits, and wholesome choices. This will help you transition into your new diet. Let friends and family know, so that they can keep you accountable!