Why a Staycation Could be Beneficial for Family Caregivers

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A staycation is a vacation where time is spent in the individual’s local city or state rather than abroad in a different country.

Most people choose to take a staycation rather than a vacation to save money, avoid traveling long distances and to stay close to home in case of an emergency. Staycations are a popular weekend activity to get away, rest and recharge without having to endure long distance traveling. Staying at home does not have to be boring if you utilize the resorts or attractions in the surrounding areas!

How a Staycation Benefits Familial Caregivers

Familial caregivers, also known as primary caregivers, dedicate their time and energy to taking care of their loved one that needs assistance. As time passes, the daily tasks of a caregiver can become monotonous, draining and overwhelming. The truth of the matter is that being a caregiver can take a toll on your mind, body and spirit over time. It is a tough job, filled with emotions and challenges each and every day. Being a family caregiver means providing hours of care, caring for an aging loved one or an individual with disabilities. Although there are support groups, as well as tips and resources, for family caregivers, sometimes a break allows the caregiver to take a much needed rest from their daily tasks.

Staycations are a great way for family caregivers to unwind, relax and rest without the commitment of being gone for a long period of time or a large financial commitment. One of the biggest challenges a family caregiver may face is unplugging and truly taking the time to remove themselves from their loved one’s care needs. Family caregivers are just that – family. Of course, it will be difficult for the caregiver to let go of their loved ones and not feel guilty about taking time for themselves to rest and recharge. However, staycation benefits include making one feel as though they are away from their current caregiving responsibilities, but not too far to be there in case of an emergency.

Not only is a staycation convenient based on its closeness in proximity to a caregiver’s home base, but it is a much cheaper option than traveling abroad for a vacation. There are many forms of self-care that can lend itself well to feeling rejuvenated after a staycation. Saving money could help the individual pay for experiences or services that will help them relax including a massage, manicure or pedicure or a meditation lesson. The staycation should be treated as a time to relax, unwind and focus on the needs of the family caregiver rather than the individuals they care for.

How Respite Care Can Help with a Staycation for a Caregiver

As previously mentioned, family caregivers may have a hard time separating themselves from their work long enough to take a break. They may be concerned that if they take a break, their loved one will be left without the care that they need in order to remain happy and healthy. These feelings are understandable and valid, as their loved one and their care often becomes their sole focus. However, there always comes a point in time when a family caregiver needs to take a step back and focus on themselves for a few days, giving themselves a well-deserved break.

Respite care providers are professional caregivers that are hired to take care of an individual during the absence of their familial or primary caregiver. During the primary caregiver’s staycation, a respite care provider will come to the individuals home and provide the care that he or she needs in order to continue to live their lives to the fullest despite their conditions. Respite care services include:

  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Medication reminders
  • Companionship
  • Transportation
  • Personal assistance

Respite care providers can give family caregivers the peace of mind that he or she deserves while taking a staycation. Not only will the family caregiver be able to take the time they need to center themselves and refocus, they can have peace of mind while they are doing so. Respite caregivers will also allow the client to feel as though he or she is taken care of, without an interruption in their daily care plan. With the help of a professional respite caregiver, a staycation can allow the primary caregiver to take the break they deserve.

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