Why a Professional Caregiver Is Necessary after a Stroke

It’s estimated that over 795,000 Americans suffer a stroke each year. These medical emergencies occur when there is a sudden interruption in the …

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It’s estimated that over 795,000 Americans suffer a stroke each year. These medical emergencies occur when there is a sudden interruption in the blood flow to the brain. It’s difficult to predict when a stroke will occur. While the risk of a stroke doubles in people every decade after the age of 55, strokes can occur at any time and at any age. When they do strike, they can be devastating. Symptoms may include slurred speech, difficulty walking, paralysis, numbness, and cognitive impairment. While the stroke itself may only last a moment, the recovery could take months or years. Immediate stroke treatment is administered in a hospital. Once the patient is stable, stroke survivors are released. Recovery doesn’t end once a patient is discharged, though. If your family member has suffered a stroke, improve the healing process by enlisting the help of a Los Angeles caregiver.

Healing at Home

Following a stroke, your loved one has the option of recovering in a rehabilitation center. However, research has shown that healing at home improves the process. Instead of being bound to a bed in a facility that they’re unfamiliar with, why not surround your loved one with the things that bring them comfort? By hiring an in-home caregiver, you can still provide the basic care and assistance needed without having to relocate your family member. Administering care in their own home allows your loved one to regain their strength more quickly and comfortably in a safe environment.

Personalized Plans

A stroke often causes patients to lose basic functions. It may be difficult for them to move, speak, or walk. Following the stroke, it takes specialized care to ensure that recovery occurs. Based on the recommendations of physical, occupational, and speech therapists, an in-home care provider can implement a treatment plan specifically designed to improve your loved one’s condition. Care providers work closely with practitioners to ensure that your family member’s needs are being met and that progress is occurring.

Follow-Up Care

After a stroke, your loved one will have many follow up appointments to attend, medications to take, and lifestyle changes to make. For someone recovering from medical trauma, that’s a lot of responsibility. An in-home caregiver helps to shoulder this load. They provide transportation to and from appointments and may consult with physicians to improve the quality of care being provided at home. On top of transportation, caregivers also ensure that medications are being taken properly and at the right time. If dietary changes are needed, your in-home caregiver can help with that, too. Based on the nutritional recommendations of your loved one’s doctors, your caregiver can create meal plans. They’ll also take care of shopping for ingredients and preparing the food, making it easy for your family member to eat nutritious meals.

Regaining Independence

A stroke leaves many patients feeling vulnerable. It strips them of a lot of their independence. All of a sudden, day-to-day tasks that were once easy are seemingly impossible. It may not be easy for them to bathe themselves, feed themselves, tie their shoes, or remember their children’s names. This may lead to frustration and discouragement. An in-home care provider is dedication to the improvement of their patient’s care. In the beginning, your caregiver may assist your loved one with all the tasks they’re unable to perform. Over time, they may try to reintroduce those daily tasks that your family member can handle. Little by little, your loved one will regain their confidence, ability, and independence.


The recovery following a stroke is oftentimes lonely. Because family members can’t provide around-the-clock care, many patients feel isolated. While in-home care providers are often hired to provide assistance throughout the healing process, their presence alone is often the biggest help. Having an in-home caregiver is like having a built-in friend. There’s someone to talk to and keep your loved one company. This sort of companionship prevents patients from becoming discouraged or depressed throughout the recovery process.

Recurring Stroke Prevention

Out of the 795,000 strokes reported each year, nearly 187,000 of those are recurrent attacks. During a stroke, time is of the essence. The quicker that medical attention is received, the less likely that permanent damage occurs. An in-home care provider is knowledgeable regarding the signs and symptoms of a stroke. If your loved one begins to show signs of a secondary stroke, they’ll immediately spring into action, calling for the necessary medical attention. In all reality, hiring a professional in-home caregiver could make all the difference if a recurrent attack occurs.


After a stroke, you want to provide as much assistance and support as you can for your loved one. However, you may not be able to give the time needed to their recovery. Depending on the severity of the stroke, around-the-clock care may be necessary. Many family members attempt to handle this sort of care on their own. Over time, they become burnt out, stressed, and discouraged. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, hire an in-home caregiver. It’s these assistants’ jobs to give you the help that you need. Whether you’re looking for hourly assistance every day or you’re seeking around-the-clock care, hiring a homecare professional gives you the support you need and the care required by your loved one. The flexible availability of an in-home care specialist allows you to tailor their schedule to your needs.

No matter the type of care you’re looking for, 24 Hour Home Care is pleased to provide a variety of post-stroke recovery options. We’re dedicated to improving the lives of our patients from the comfort of their own homes. With 24-hour availability and no hourly minimum, you can custom-tailor your loved one’s recovery plan based on their needs. From post-stroke assistance to senior homecare in Los Angeles, our quality of care is guaranteed. Consult with one of our friendly staff members now and discover how 24 Hour Home Care can improve the healing of your loved one today.

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