Food That Can Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Do you have trouble unwinding at the end of the day? Are you struggling with getting to bed at a decent hour? We …

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Do you have trouble unwinding at the end of the day? Are you struggling with getting to bed at a decent hour? We know that life can be chaotic and often when we lay down at night, we are left with our thoughts that keep us awake at night. This is not uncommon, as millions of people experience this each night. But did you know that there are certain foods that can help you get a good night’s rest? That’s right—food can help you sleep! Take a look below to see what foods can help you get quality sleep tonight!

  • Walnuts are rich in tryptophan, which helps your body produce serotonin and melatonin. Try grabbing a handful of these yummy nuts to snack on before bed!
  • Cheese, or any sort of dairy, helps your body use the calcium found in the dairy product to use tryptophan in the product to trigger more melatonin in your body to be produced. This means that you will naturally feel sleepy and you can catch a good night of sleep after a few pieces of cheese or a cup of warm (or cold) milk.
  • Chamomile tea has been a sleep aid for many years, as it has been proven to help relax your body, mind and muscles. Try having a cup of chamomile tea about 30 minutes before you would like to fall asleep.
  • Leafy greens are not only good for your body, but they can help you fall asleep as well! Did you know that leafy greens contain calcium, which can assist your body from using tryptophan to produce melatonin, which is the main trigger of a good night’s sleep!
  • Chickpeas or hummus have a good dose of tryptophan, which will help you produce more melatonin. Try having some chickpeas or hummus with your dinner and you will ease into a great night’s rest!

We know that falling asleep can be tricky, especially when there are plenty of things on your mind. Next time you are struggling to fall asleep, remember these foods that can help you get a great night’s rest. If you are experiencing severe insomnia, please seek medical attention from a professional. We hope that these tips help you rest and recharge!

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