Five ways to find a care provider in your network!

If you are interested in accessing care by selecting your own care provider, please fill out our form and we can get in …

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If you are interested in accessing care by selecting your own care provider, please fill out our form and we can get in contact to further assist you.

Finding someone to support you or your loved ones whom you trust and respects your schedule is no easy task. We at 24 Hour Home Care genuinely care about developing person-centered plans for each one of our families. We see firsthand the success with individuals utilizing our EOR model and have providers sourced by our families which could be right under your nose!

So what is Family Selected Support, known as EOR?

Simply put, EOR means Employer of Record. We at 24 Hour Home Care work with parents, guardians, or individuals to find someone in their network to provide support services that are approved and provided through a local regional center. We handle all aspects of employment such as liabilities, trainings, background checks, and more.

5 Ways to Find a Care Provider:

  1. Get your support today compensated. How are you navigating support today? Do you have someone already taking care of you or your loved one for free? They can now be compensated for their help!
  2. Reach out within your local community such as religious centers, after-school programs, community centers to see if anyone has some availability.
  3. Reach out to those in your family and friend group and see if they know anyone.
  4. Post on social media!
  5. Post a flyer at your local coffee shop, laundromat, or supermarket.

The 24 Hour Home Care Difference:

Since 2008, we at 24 Hour Home Care have put care at the center of everything we do. We’ve built our business on trust within our communities and professional relationships. We are a vendor with all of California’s Regional Centers, partner with numerous Family Resource Centers, and care for nearly 10,000 families each year. As a leader in the disability services industry we diligently work to expand service offerings and give back to local communities.

We feel that parents, guardians and individuals should feel empowered to make their own choices when it comes to care and supporting their loved ones. This includes the power of choice when it comes to selecting a care provider.

Reach out today to learn more about our EOR program and learn more about next steps with your selected provider.

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