24 Hour Home Care Teams Up with the American Red Cross to Provide Caregivers with Emergency Preparedness Training

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24 Hour Home Care, a non-medical homecare company that provides professional caregiving services for seniors and individuals with developmental disabilities, has collaborated with American Red Cross to train their Caregivers on Emergency and Disaster Preparedness. Together, the two organizations have trained 2,690 24 Hour Home Care Caregivers through its American Red Cross PrepareU training program, covering three essentials of being “Red Cross Ready,” including creating an emergency kit, making a plan and being informed.

24 Hour Home Care’s Caregivers are trained to familiarize themselves with their surroundings upon entering into new environments, and calmly respond to risks in unprecedented situations.

“In light of the devastating fires and hurricanes that have recently struck our country, we find it more critical than ever to provide thorough disaster preparedness instruction to our Caregivers,” said Ryan Iwamoto, owner & co-founder of 24Hr Homecare, “Our clients’ safety is our top priority, and how prepared our Caregivers are during emergency situations is their best defense.”

“Being well prepared for disasters, large or small, can help prevent injuries and save lives,” said Julie Thomas, Executive Director American Red Cross Santa Monica Bay Chapter. “Thanks to wonderful partners like 24Hr Home Care, we are making a difference and heling communities become more resilient in the face of emergencies.”

Being “Emergency-prepared” not only applies in times of natural disasters, but in everyday situations. 24 Hour Home Care’s Caregivers help clients in their everyday routines by taking simple steps including locking doors and keeping the surrounding environment organized to prevent trips and falls. Being prepared for a disaster is a simple step Caregivers and anyone can take. It’s easy, affordable and is more than just having a kit, it’s also about making a plan and being informed.

Learn more about our variety of Signature Specialty Trainings for Caregivers by following this link.

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