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24Hr HomeCare offers a free in-home consultation to understand you and your loved one’s needs so that we may provide the best service possible. A 24Hr HomeCare representative will meet with you or your loved one to develop a care plan and address all of your requirements, questions, and concerns.

Exclusive Fall Prevention Training

A majority of our senior clients are recovering from a major illness or surgery, or are currently having general difficulties from ambulation or falls. 24Hr HomeCare has collaborated with the Fall Prevention Program of Contra Costa County to develop a proprietary Fall Prevention Certification training program for our staff and Caregivers. Each of our Human Resources staff members has gone through the 3-hour Certified Fall Prevention Trainer program, and our Caregivers go through a rigorous training program during orientation to receive Fall Prevention Certification. Our Caregivers are well-equipped to assist seniors with guarding against preventable falls, as they possess extensive training in home safety and organization, medication accuracy and reconciliation, and shower safety measures.

Although falling is a common issue among aging adults, 24Hr HomeCare is one of the few in-home care providers to have developed a unique and innovative training program to combat falls.

Whole 24™: Diagnosis-Specific Nutrition

Healthy eating can be a challenge for the seniors we care for, whether mobility prevents them from preparing their own nutritious meals, or fatigue spurs them to reach for the canned or ready-made foods in their kitchen. Indulging in these fast fixes can take a toll on your loved one’s health in the long run, especially if they are living with certain health conditions.

24Hr HomeCare partnered with Registered Dietitian, Alisa Dodds, to create our nutrition book and healthcare program, Whole 24™: Diagnosis-Specific Nutrition, which offers comprehensive guides on meal planning for seniors with Memory Loss, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, Diabetes, Cancer, Renal Disease, and Heart Disease. Whole 24™ also includes inspiration for Vegetarian and Kosher eating, along with 24 easy-to-follow recipes. To complement our nutrition book, we have also produced the Whole 24™ Healthy Cooking Video Series, found here, to teach our Caregivers and seniors how to recreate the delicious recipes from the book.

Industry-Leading Alzheimer’s & Dementia Training

24Hr HomeCare’s staff has received Alzheimer’s and Dementia training arranged specifically by the Alzheimer’s Association Greater Los Angeles (formerly known as the Alzheimer’s Association – California Southland Chapter). The training focuses on how Caregivers can be more effective when working with people that have Alzheimer’s or related dementia.

  • Person-centered Care
  • Flexibility and Problem-Solving
  • Having a positive attitude and using a gentle approach
  • Using adaptations when dealing with challenging situations


American Red Cross PREPAREU-Trained Caregivers

Preparedness saves lives. 24Hr HomeCare has collaborated with the American Red Cross to train our Caregivers on Emergency and Disaster Preparedness for our clients. The training covers the three essentials of being “Red Cross Ready” : creating an emergency kit, making a plan, and being informed. Our Caregivers are trained to familiarize themselves with their surroundings and calmly respond to risks in unprecedented situations.