An Inside Look at Grubwith24

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At 24 Hour Home Care, it’s our responsibility to keep our clients safe.

Because many of our seniors are at the highest risk for developing complications from the coronavirus, due to their age or a pre-existing medical condition, we’ve expanded our programs to include a contact-free food delivery service.

Partnering with Grubhub, the nation’s leading online and mobile food-ordering delivery marketplace, 24 Hour Home Care now offers isolated seniors’ access to on demand food delivery from hundreds of local restaurants without the added stress of ordering online.

Our, 24 Hour Home Care VP of Business Development, Andy Matthews asked GrubHub’s Padma Rao, VP of Special Projects questions about the GrubWith24 partnership and the value of innovating and expanding our services to protect and serve vulnerable populations.

Q&A with Grubhub

Can you tell our readers how GrubWith24 came to be? “24 Hour Home Care was looking for a food delivery partner that could safely get food into the hands of its community members who otherwise may not have access to restaurant meals during this time when stay at home orders are in effect and restaurant dining rooms are closed. For us, it was a no brainer and another way we could support local communities through our restaurant and delivery networks.” What excites you most about the GrubWith24 partnership? “Technology can be a hurdle for older populations and prevent them from ordering food online. Further, a 2019 Pew Research study found that more than 25% of people over the age of 65 don’t use the internet – making online food delivery ordering impossible.The GrubhubWith24 partnership takes technology and access to the internet out of the equation completely. No smartphone, computer, or Grubhub app is necessary. Seniors simply call into 24 Hour Home Care’s virtual call center and tell the admin what meal they would like delivered based on menus that are sent to them. Alternatively, they can also share what type of cuisine they want, and from there, their admin can help them narrow down available options. The 24 Hour Home Care admin will then handle the ordering and payment of the order. All the seniors need to do after that is relax and wait for their order to be safely delivered to their door. This partnership gives seniors access to the modern functionality of online ordering. What is so special and unique about GrubWith24? “24 Hour Home Care works with senior citizens, an especially vulnerable population at this time. Many are unable to leave their residence, and GrubWith24 allows seniors to get meals delivered to their door, contact-free, through Grubhub.” How can seniors and at-risk populations can take advantage of GrubWith24? “We encourage 24 Hour Home Care’s clients and community partners to reach out to their rep to get more information on how they can enjoy this partnership.”

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