Services We Offer

A 24 Hour Home Care caregiver helps a child with a disability brush her teeth.

Personal Assistance

Personal assistance services (PAS) help a person with a disability do tasks that he or she would normally do if there was no disability. The use of PAS in supported living services is often the key to a person being able to successfully live in the home of his or her choice. Among the tasks we provide: general safety supervision, assistance with daily living activities, medication reminders, recreational and community-based activities, attending college, running errands, and help with public transportation.

A caregiver helps with personal assistance and homemaker duties by finishing her client's laundry.

Homemaker Program

The Homemaker program is a service that maintains, strengthens, or safeguards the care of an individual with developmental disabilities in their home. Tasks provided during services include general safety supervision, assistance with daily living activities, medication reminders, light housekeeping, and other tasks to maintain the safety of the individual.

A 24 Hour Home Care caregiver plays cards at the kitchen counter with his child client.

Specialized Supervision

Socialization training aims to provide supervision and socialization opportunities to school-aged children with developmental disabilities. Tasks provided during services may include general safety supervision, assistance with daily living activities, communication assistance, and activities related to community integration.

A social recreation coach plays soccer outside with her young client.

Social Recreation Program

Providing care is more than home support, it’s also socialization. Our Social Recreation program trains providers to identify the best activity for your loved one and will work with your loved one to achieve their personal goals. Check with your regional center to see if you qualify for this program.

A caregiver helps her client by doing dishes after meal prepping in their home for the coming week.

Paid Internship Program

The goal of this program is for individuals to gain vocational skills and build a resume to enter competitive integrative employment (CIE).

 A 24 Hour Home Care caregiver waves goodbye to the primary family caregiver as they leave and the 24 Hour Home Care caregiver starts a respite shift.

Respite Care

Respite is used to relieve family members and providers from the responsibility of providing care to their loved ones. Respite care offers short-term solutions, so they can take a day, weekend, or even a week to themselves. We can choose a trained and experienced provider to come in and help families take a break.