Pick Your Own Provider

Do you qualify for services through your local California regional center and already know someone who could serve as your care provider? Selecting your own provider allows you to access your authorized care services faster, and 24 Hour Home Care wants to equip you with the right tools to recruit someone within your family or community.

Care providers are paid for the hours they work, and there is no cost to you if you qualify. You can even designate multiple care providers to maximize scheduling flexibility and ensure that you'll use all of your authorized care hours.

A caregiver reads with his child client on the couch while the mother does dishes in the background.

Here Are 2 Easy Ways to Find a Care Provider:

Fill in your contact information and post this flyer at your local religious center, after-school program, community center, or on other community boards. Click here for the flyer in Spanish.

Post this image to your social media channels to see if anyone in your network is available or knows someone who could be a fit to provide care to your loved one. Click here for the image in Spanish.