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Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Home Care

Searching for a home care provider that is the right fit for your loved one is no easy task. The first step to your search is learning how to evaluate your options. We have compiled a list of important questions to ask a home care provider to help you determine which provider may be the best for you and your loved one.

How do you supervise your caregivers?

24 Hour Home Care uses an advanced Real Time Caregiver Monitoring System that requires our caregivers to clock in and out through the telephone, allowing us to effectively track hours and confirm attendance in real-time. Our system will immediately notify us if a caregiver has not clocked in or out as scheduled. In addition, 24 Hour Home Care conducts routine nurse supervisory visits and random management quality assurance check-ins, so our clients receive the best possible in-home care.

What are some of the things you do for my community?

24 Hour Home Care understands the importance of giving back to the community we work and live in. That is why we are committed to making a positive impact by holding charity events, donating, and volunteering. Some of our efforts include contributions of proceeds to a charity of your choice, hosting community events, and community philanthropy.

Do you offer a free in-home consultation, even on the weekend?

Some home care companies may have limitations, especially on the weekend. 24 Hour Home Care is available for a free in-home consultation 7 days per week, and if there is an urgent need, we have a Rapid Response Guarantee to respond and help you or your loved one.

Do you offer diagnosis-specific care and/or diagnosis-specific meal planning and preparation?

We understand the needs of our clients differ from each other, especially when loved ones are faced with specific diseases. We provide training for our caregivers, including the ability to care for our clients who have diagnosis-specific needs. We also created and published Whole 24™ Volume 1 and Volume 2, which is a diagnosis-specific meal preparation and nutrition guidebook. This resource enables our caregivers to provide customized meal plans and support, depending on our clients’ needs.

Is your company available 24/7 every day of the year?

Some home care companies are not available during specific holidays or after hours. 24 Hour Home Care offers live, 24-hour accessibility, meaning you have access to a live care coordinator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address your needs. We are also always open on any holiday, and we never close our doors, so we can always help families who depend on us.

Can you provide me three professional reference letters?

Word of mouth and a referral from others is one of the best ways to research a home care company. 24 Hour Home Care publishes many of the letters from our partners and can also provide additional information if necessary.

Where is your company located?

Some home care companies operate out of a central office and do not have a physical presence in your community. 24 Hour Home Care has a physical office and staff in each territory we operate. Check out our locations here.

What awards or recognition has your company received for the service that you provide?

24 Hour Home Care is very proud to have been recognized for our achievements in providing the most premium care to our clients. Learn more about the various awards and recognition we have received here.

Are your caregivers W-2 employees of your company, or will we be considered the employer of the caregiver?

Many home care companies don’t fully employ their caregivers and instead utilize them as independent contractors. If you are hiring a caregiver from a registry or privately, you might end up becoming their employer, which increases your responsibility and risk. All caregivers at 24 Hour Home Care are fully employed with the company as a W-2 employee. 24 Hour Home Care manages and monitors the caregiver throughout their tenure with the company. Learn more about different risks involved in hiring a private or registry caregiver as well as the benefits of hiring a caregiver through an agency, such as 24 Hour Home Care.

Are your caregivers covered by insurance? Can you provide a copy of your liability, fidelity bonding, and workers' compensation insurance?

24 Hour Home Care caregivers are bonded and insured, adding another layer of peace of mind for families who utilize our services. Learn more about our 24-point screening process, insurance, certification, and more here.

How do you screen your caregivers? Do you perform a nationwide criminal background check and any other screening?

At 24 Hour Home Care, we select caregivers who are passionate about providing in-home care to those in need on a daily basis. We thoroughly screen our experienced staff of home health aides, certified nursing assistants, licensed vocational nurses, and professional caregivers with our 24-point screening process. With our Caregiver Compatibility Guarantee, we take into consideration five dimensions of compatibility because we understand that choosing the right caregiver to care for you or your loved one is an important decision.

What types of training do you provide your caregivers? Are they trained for specific diagnosis, fall prevention, or Alzheimer's and dementia care?

Not only are caregivers thoroughly screened and complete a rigorous interview process, but they are also trained before they enter a home to care for those we serve. We have collaborated with various organizations, such as the American Red Cross and Alzheimer’s of Greater LA, to create signature specialty training for various topics including fall prevention, Alzheimer’s and dementia, diagnosis-specific nutrition planning, emergency and disaster preparedness, and achieving care goals.

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