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Transportation through RideWith24™

*Services for home care clients and hospital partner funded rides

Unfortunately, as people get older, their eyesight and depth perception may get worse. As cognitive abilities continue to diminish, an individual may not be able to complete the daily tasks that they once had no problem doing. These tasks may be as small as simply getting the mail from the mailbox down the driveway, or they can be as serious and life altering as no longer being able to drive their car any more. If you feel that you or your loved ones are suffering from cognitive decline, it may be time to hang up the keys and turn over the driver’s license.

If you or your loved one’s have already ceased driving, you may need reliable and on-demand transportation services. 24 Hour Home Care created a program, RideWith24™, which is an innovative service offered to our clients through our hospital partners.

How Can RideWith24™ Help You?

RideWith24™ gives you access to conveniently scheduled transportation services. Ride requests can be arranged by our operations team and can be made for a number of various reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Assistance to and from a doctor’s appointment, ensuring you or your loved one’s will get to where they need to be on time and safely.
  • Pick up and drop-off from surgical procedures, allowing you to feel safe that transportation is handled while you and your loved one’s focus on healing.
      • For the safety of our riders, we ask that you do not request rides for persons under the effects of anesthesia and/or other strong medications.
  • Handling transportation to and from various errands such as grocery shopping, social visits or outings or pharmacy pickups.

Who Would Benefit from Transportation Assistance?

As you or your loved ones start to grow older, you may lose the general ability to perform everyday tasks that gave you a sense of freedom and independence. These tasks include having the ability to drive oneself to run errands or accomplish daily tasks, which can impede the amount of accomplishments one achieves through out the day. You or your loved one’s may need transportation assistance if:

  • You or your loved ones have trouble with sight, leading to the inability to operate a vehicle.
  • Your or your loved ones cannot hear the cars around you, which will inevitably leave them without a license.
  • You or your loved ones are unable to have a car during this time.

RideWith24™ is an easy solution to a problem that impacts countless elderly individuals on a daily basis. Our program allows you and your loved ones to get the proper transportation services that are needed to accomplish daily tasks, without the confusion of using a smartphone or app. Allow us to help you today!

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