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Medication Reminders

As individuals age, they may start to experience the pains of growing older and may develop illnesses or diseases that require regular medication. Often times, individuals are prescribed multiple medications, often by different doctors that may not communicate with each other to discuss the dangers of mixing those drugs. Side effects of mixing prescriptions can range from mild to severe and can even be life threatening. When an individual that is prescribed multiple medications lives on their own, he or she may be at risk for complications that will impact their overall health and well-being. When an elderly individual resides by themselves, he or she may greatly benefit from having a care plan through an in-home caregiver.

One of the most important aspects of care is mediation reminders and medication management, which is defined as ensuring the clients prescriptions are being taken with care, at the appropriate time and in the right dosage. 24 Hour Home Care’s caregivers are trained to ensure that you or your loved one’s have taken the proper amount of medication at the appropriate time of day, while actively logging those actions for your medical professional. Our caregivers will ensure that you and your loved ones are safe while taking the medication prescribed to you and that you are not taking medication outside of your prescribed plan. Our caregivers can help you and your family with medication in a number of ways.

How We Can Help with Medication Reminders

  • Setting up a pill box or pill organization system to ensure that the management of medication is organized and cohesive. Our caregivers will adhere to the organization system that the client feels comfortable with and that their medical professionals have recommended to ensure that all of the prescribed medications are properly coordinated and sorted before the client takes it.
  • Logging medication intake daily and each time the client ingests their prescribed medications ensures that the family of the client, as well as their team of medical professionals, have access to a daily log of the prescription drugs that were taken, as well as how it may have affected them such as side effects or how the individual felt after taking them.
  • Ensuring medication is being taken in the appropriate dosage and at the appropriate time to ensure compliance with the prescribed plan from a doctor. The caregiver is trained to follow the prescribed medication schedule that doctors give, guaranteeing you or your loved ones are following the plan given.
  • Keeping an eye on the client to watch out for signs of serious medication side effects that can cause the individual to be hospitalized will not only give you or your loved one’s peace of mind that they are in good hands, but the caregiver will serve as a safeguard to ensure the client does not experience adverse drug side effects.
  • If the client does experience negative side effects or a serious medical emergency, the caregiver will call a medical professional if there is a need for medical attention due to side effects from medications to ensure you or your loved ones are always in good hands!

Although our caregivers are unable to administer medications through injections, IV therapy, suppositories or force feeding by law, our caregivers are able to ensure that your loved ones are taking the proper medication at the suitable time in order to comply with doctor protocol. Our caregivers will be the extra set of eyes needed to ensure that you or your loved ones are safe while taking new medications, mixing medications or simply being there to provide comfort during this time. Our caregivers will be there for you in the comfort of your own home, when you need it the most!

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