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Meal Preparation

As individuals age, daily activities and tasks may become increasingly difficult and soon may become near impossible to complete. Unfortunately, meal preparation and cooking may be one of them. Nutrition and fueling your body with whole foods and healthy foods is important and can even improve your quality of life when a proper diet is followed. If you or your loved ones are struggling to prepare and consume healthy meals or snacks, it may be time to hire an in-home caregiver to help! Our award-winning caregivers can assist in several ways when it comes to meal preparation and your dietary needs!

How We Can Help with Meal Preparation

  • Our caregivers are trained through the Whole24™ program, a diagnosis-specific nutrition guidebook, to help you and your family with your nutritional needs. Depending on your needs and your general health, our caregivers can use the sample recipes in Whole24™ to ensure that you are receiving the proper nutrition to keep you happy, healthy, and satisfied throughout the day.
  • We recognize that there are various conditions, illnesses, and diseases that require different meals. Our caregivers can properly follow the guidelines that your health care team or dietitian put in place for you or your loved one’s specific condition. Our caregivers are specifically trained to familiarize themselves with your diagnosis and what dietary needs stem from such illnesses or diseases.
  • Our caregivers can also prepare meals that are based on personal preference rather than dietary needs, such as vegetarian, vegan, or kosher-friendly meals. You and your loved ones can relax knowing that a caregiver is preparing a meal specifically for your needs.
  • The kitchen is one of the most dangerous places in the home because of the potential for accidents, burns, or general injuries. Perhaps you and your loved ones are able to help out around the kitchen but would simply benefit from having a second set of eyes while moving about the area. Our caregivers can be there to serve as a line of defense for you and your family to ensure safety is the top priority and that you and your loved ones are in good hands.
  • Not only is it important to prepare food for you or your loved ones to monitor nutrition, but it is equally important to monitor fluid and food intake throughout the day as well. Our caregivers are trained to recognize the signs of dehydration and will ensure that you or your loved ones receive the fluid and food intake needed to maintain a healthy body, mind, and soul.

The kitchen can be a scary place for those who are elderly or may not be able to move around the way they used to. Perhaps you or your loved ones need an extra set of hands to ensure that safety is the top priority while in the kitchen. Our caregivers are trained to be there for you and your loved ones when you need it the most and in the most common areas of your home, such as the kitchen. Hiring an in-home caregiver will give you or your loved ones the independence needed in order to continue aging peacefully in the comfort of one’s own home!

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