How You Can Thank a Familial Caregiver

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Familial caregivers, also known as primary caregivers, are individuals that take it upon themselves to care for his or her loved ones during their time of need.

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The familial caregiver may choose to care for their loved one full time or part-time, depending on their schedule and the needs of the person they are caring for. It is important to note that most of the time primary and familial caregivers are doing their family or friends a favor by taking on this responsibility, which often is an unpaid job.

What do Familial Caregivers Do and How Can You Thank Them?

Familial caregivers help provide caregiving support to their loved ones that need to receive care but may not be able to afford long term care options. Familial caregivers are often the people that take on the responsibility of looking over their loved ones. These caregivers are responsible for anything from driving the individual to his or her medical appointments to simply sitting there to keep them company. Familial caregivers are truly selfless and kindhearted individuals that deserve recognition and a ‘thank you’ gesture every now and then.

Did you know that there are several ways to thank the primary or familial caregiver in your life? The following are some common ways to say ‘thank you’:

  • Giving them a warm meal
  • Treating them to an experience they will enjoy
  • Giving them monetary gifts
  • Encouraging the practice of self-care

Caregivers may also appreciate a verbal thank you and a way to know that their services are appreciated, and their effort is being acknowledged. However, there is truly no greater gift to a familial caregiver when they are experiencing caregiver burnout or fatigue than utilizing respite care services through a professional caregiving company.

Respite care is a term that is used to described short-term care for an individual that usually has a primary or familial caregiver. Although it may be described as short-term, respite care providers can be utilized for as long as they are needed, giving the caregiver time to rest and recharge. By giving a familial caregiver the gift of temporary relief from his or her caregiver duties, you care giving them more time to care for themselves, something that is often pushed to the backburner when they are preoccupied caring for their loved ones.

The reason why respite care is the perfect way to thank a familial caregiver is because it will not only give them the time, they deserve to themselves, but it will leave their client in good hands, so that they can truly relax knowing that their loved one is safe in their absence. When a familial or primary caregiver has been with their client and loved one for a long time, he or she more than likely feels attached to them and responsible for their well-being. Just as a parent would be worried about their children while they are away from home, a familial caregiver would likely be worried about their loved one while they take time to rest and recharge. A reliable respite care provider takes the guessing and risk out of a temporary hiatus from the primary caregiver.

What do Respite Care Providers Do?

If you are considering hiring a respite care provider as a way to thank your familial or primary caregiver, it is important to understand what they can do for your loved ones in need of care. Respite care providers are able to perform the following services:

  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Companionship
  • Transportation assistance
  • Personal care

We hope you will consider hiring respite care to give your valued familial caregiver time to rest and rejuvenate and as a way to simply say ‘thank you’ for all their hard work.

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