Hobbies That Seniors Can Enjoy While Staying Active

It is important that seniors stay active, as a sedentary lifestyle can lead to health complications and risks. An active lifestyle does not …

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It is important that seniors stay active, as a sedentary lifestyle can lead to health complications and risks. An active lifestyle does not have to be full of rigorous and exhausting exercise that will leave your senior loved one sore, tired and uninterested in participating next time. There are plenty of activities that will keep your loved one active, engaged and will keep them mentally engaged.

  • If your loved one enjoys dancing and can do so without physical pain, encourage them to take a few minutes out of their daily routine to dance. This will enhance their mood and will also serve as a physical activity and exercise.
  • Book clubs. Although this is mainly a sedentary activity, a book club could give your loved one a purpose and could give them a goal to achieve. They may experience a boost in their confidence from completing each book that is given to them, staying active socially. If they do not have a club to join or form, they can set a goal for themselves to read a certain number of books and hold themselves accountable. They can also make a promise to themselves that at the end of every chapter, they will get up and move around for a minute, keeping them active in between their reading sessions.
  • Bird watching. If your loved one enjoys the outdoors and has an interest in birds, he or she can buy a bird watching book and get started on their own. This can quickly turn into an active hobby, allowing them to walk around the neighborhood or parks to find certain birds. This can also be an activity that they can turn into a wonderful group activity, promoting social activity as well!
  • Walking Club. If your loved one can do so, he or she can participate in or form a walking club. This will allow your loved one to get out and enjoy the outdoors and fresh air, while experiencing socialization at the same time. If your loved one prefers to walk alone, he or she should map out the routes they are going to take that day and notify someone before they do so. Advise them to always alert someone when they are heading out on their walk and when they return, to make sure that they are safe during their walks.
  • Gardening. This activity is perfect if your loved one enjoys being outside and loves flowers or greenery. They do not have to have a large garden or yard to do so, they may just nurture small plants in their front or back yards. It can be rewarding to see a garden grow and can give your loved one a sense of purpose to take care of their plants.
  • Another wonderful activity your loved one may enjoy is spending time in their kitchen and learning new recipes. They can buy a cook book and vow to try to make two or three new recipes each week until they work their way through the whole book. Of course, the recipes should be approved by their doctor for consumption.

We hope that these activities can help keep your senior loved one active both physically and mentally. Remember that your loved one should always get consent from their doctor before they participate or engage in any physical activity.

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