Skills of a Caregiver in Medication Management

For those who require home care services, medication management is a necessary and important part of their daily routine. Finding home care in …

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For those who require home care services, medication management is a necessary and important part of their daily routine. Finding home care in Laguna Niguel can be challenging, especially when you are seeking caregivers who have the background experience, training, and education to properly care for your loved one.

The Importance of Proper Medication Management

The probability of issues arising when seniors are left to administer their own medication is high. According to health management experts, medication errors are especially common for the elderly who may take 5 or more prescribed medications each day, often prescribed by different doctors. An unstructured home environment may lead your loved one to deviating from their prescribed regimen, even when there is a caregiver or family member assisting them with their medication.

However, previous studies showed that with professional caregiving assistance, the rate of errors in medication administration diminished. Although some seniors did well when given follow-up phone calls with reminders from a nursing professional, directions often were not followed due to confusion, communication issues, or misunderstood instructions. Seniors working with caregivers made fewer errors with their medication because there was consistent guidance from a professional, and they stayed closer to their prescribed regimen.

Technology offers some solutions to assist home care patients with reminders for medication dosage and times, and these innovations may even help cut down on medication errors. However, it is likely not as effective as an experienced caregiver overseeing medication administration on a consistent and regimented basis, such as that provided from a home care agency.

The Basics of Medication Management

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Ensuring medications are taken as prescribed, and that a senior is taking the correct medicine in the way that the physician intended, are all features of medication management. In addition, it isn’t an unusual practice for the doctor to change out medications if he or she feels the patient isn’t responding to the dosage or type of meds prescribed. This can lead to confusion not only for the patient, but for the family member or caretaker responsible for overseeing the medication administration.

Professional home care in Laguna Woods includes monitoring the patient and overseeing the medication to ensure it is being taken as prescribed, but also to perform a reconciliation whenever there is a prescribed change to the type or dosage of medication. The caregiver will check your loved one for any signs of adverse issues, unsteadiness, grogginess, or allergic reactions resulting from the change in medication. This procedure also includes verifying that no medications are being omitted, and that the correct dosage is administered by matching up the number of tablets or pills taken with the original number prescribed.

In addition, a caregiver monitors any other substances that are being taken, such as vitamins, supplements, or foods that may affect the effectiveness of the prescribed meds.

Trained Observers

Often, illness sets in, or a senior suffers from a health event such as a stroke or heart attack, and is then admitted into the hospital. This can be not only disorienting, but also frightening and confusing. New care providers may change the current treatment plan, along with medications and their dosages.

By following a senior through their hospitalization and discharge, a caregiver can provide consistent care once your loved one returns home, implement any changes to daily treatment plans and medication schedules, and provide support and education to the patient and family members who assist in daily care regimens. This helps cut back on hospital visits and emergency admissions.

Choosing Medication Management Caregivers

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When choosing a home care provider in Laguna Beach, it is imperative to work with a reputable in-home care agency that performs all background checks, including employment and experience verifications, and license and education confirmations, as well as criminal background checks.

Your home care and medication management professional should be compassionate, observant, dependable, and trustworthy. Their personality should mesh with your loved one, so that both you and your loved one feels comfortable. You should be able to trust the caregiver enough to leave them alone with your family member. For more information on different senior home care solutions, please visit our website.

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