The Role of a Caregiver in Surgery Recovery

Recovering from any type of surgery is difficult. Seniors require special attention following a surgical procedure. With a rotation of medications, doctor’s appointments, …

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Recovering from any type of surgery is difficult. Seniors require special attention following a surgical procedure. With a rotation of medications, doctor’s appointments, and wound care, it’s better to leave post-surgical care to a professional. Hiring a company who specializes in senior home care in Sherman Oaks is the best way to provide your loved one with the care and compassion they need following a serious surgical procedure. A qualified care individual will handle every facet of the recovery process.

Continuous Care

From the very first day, an in-home care provider is there to make healing easier. The post-surgical regimen prescribed by your loved ones’ physician and surgeon is completely taken over by your in-home care specialist. They’ll review the medical notes and work closely with the other healthcare professionals treating the patient to ensure that nothing is overlooked. By hiring a senior healthcare provider before your loved one even leaves the hospital, you can rest assured that proper care will be in place throughout the entirety of their recovery.

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Medication Management

Whether your loved one is about to undergo spinal surgery or if they’re having hip replacement, medication will be needed to ensure their comfort through their recovery. Most likely, the physicians involved in the treatment plan will prescribe medications to prevent pain and infection after surgery. It can be difficult to manage the schedule and dosing information of each prescription without the help of a professional. A qualified in-home care provider is essential to medication management following the surgery of your loved one. They will schedule each dose as prescribed by their doctor, as well as monitor the patient for any side effects. If a complication is noted, they will take the necessary steps to contact you and the treating physician to come to a solution.

Assistance with Daily Tasks

Even if your loved one’s surgery was not invasive, hiring a senior home care specialist can still be beneficial. Oftentimes, even minor surgery renders the patient unable to perform day-to-day tasks. An in-home care provider can assist with the daily activities that may be too difficult for your loved one, especially during the beginning stages of recovery. Your home care expert can help them get in and out of bed, use the bathroom, get dressed or run basic errands. No matter how big or small the task may be, it’s their job to ensure that your loved one gets the rest that they need and has the assistance to get through the day.

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Providing Company

Recovering from a surgical procedure can be a lonely time, especially for the elderly. While friends and family members may visit frequently directly following surgery, these visits tend to taper off, leaving the senior alone throughout the remainder of the recovery. Isolation during recovery can lead to feeling hope less cause depression, and may prolong the healing process. An in-home healthcare specialist not only cares for their patient medically, but also provides needed companionship. They’re trained to provide compassion, patience, and love to all their patients. With their company, rehabilitation is easier for you and your loved one.

Limited or Around-the-Clock Care

Depending on the type of surgery, your loved one’s physician may recommend constant monitoring throughout recovery. This can be draining for you and your family. Instead of scrambling to make arrangements, allow a professional to help. In-home care specialists can provide around-the-clock care when necessary. If 24/7 monitoring isn’t required, they can provide the care needed based on your schedule and the needs of your loved one. With this sort of flexibility, you can maintain peace of mind while 24 Hour Home Care provides excellent care to your family member.

As you prepare for your loved one’s upcoming surgery, don’t forget to hire home care in Sherman Oaks. With the help of an in-home care provider, your family member’s healing process will be much more comfortable.

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