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Helpful Tips for Selecting the Right Caregiver

The golden years should be just that—golden. For one in five Americans, aging will bring on chronic illness and impairment so severe that it will render them unable to care for themselves. While these elders may require assistance with their health and day-to-day tasks, they don’t want to leave the comfort of their home. Home care in Phoenix gives elders the opportunity to receive the help that they need without having to relocate to an assisted living center or community. If your loved one is beginning to display signs of aging, it may be time to consider hiring a caregiver. While this sort of in-home help can greatly increase the quality of life of your family member, it’s important to find the right person for the job. With the right information you can make the transition to homecare easy and seamless.

What Are Your Specific Needs?

Before you begin interviewing prospective caregivers, it’s important to analyze exactly what you need.  Your aging loved one might require help getting dressed, bathing, preparing meals, or running errands. In this case, a nonmedical home care company can provide a caregiver to your family, based on your needs. Your car plan will solely depend on your loved one and what he or she needs to thrive. By assessing the needs of your loved one, you can find the best person for the job.

Create a Specific Job Description

When looking to create a positive work relationship between your loved one and their caregiver, communication is key. Before you hire anyone, it is imperative to create a specific job description. The job description should include the level of education required and any certifications needed, whether or not the caregiver needs to have access to a car, if a valid driver’s license is needed, or if it will be necessary to carry the patient. Your chosen caregiver should be able to check off each one of these boxes. Creating a job description beforehand prevents miscommunication and allows you select a qualified individual.

Rely On a Job Contract

The job description will help you narrow down and locate the right person for the job. Once hired, a job contract will ensure that you and your caregiver have all of the necessary information to proceed with the hiring process. For example, a typical job contract includes the wages that will be paid, along with the frequency and how the payment will occur. On top of the wage amount, the number of hours should also be included in the contract. Social Security numbers, a brief job description, and a list of any behavior deemed unacceptable by your family should also be noted. These behaviors may include smoking, language, tardiness, or phone usage. Be sure to also include termination measures. List how much notice will be given for termination and any sort of disciplinary action that will be taken before termination occurs. Make sure that your chosen caregiver agrees to the terms, then both of you should sign and date the contract.

Look for Caregivers in the Right Place

Creating an applicant pool for your home caregiver allows you to interview various qualified individuals. Finding those applicants may seem difficult, but it’s actually quite easy. Instead of posting the job in the classifieds or hiring an unqualified family friend, it’s always best to leave it to the experts. Using a service like 24 Hour Home Care allows you quick access to a large number of qualified individuals. With the ability to narrow the search based on requirements, there’s no better place to search for your loved one’s future caregiver.

Always Interview

Even if a caregiver seems perfect on paper, don’t skip the interview process. Once you’ve found a few different qualified individuals for the position, set up a time to meet with each of them. Before the time of the interview, create a list of helpful questions to ask. These questions may include information regarding past experience, references, or scheduling conflicts. If you’re unsure of which questions to ask, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 24hrcares.com can help you through the interview process to ensure you gather the necessary information to hire the right person to care for your loved one.

Check References

It’s vital that you take the time to ask for references from each person you interview, then call the references. After all, you’re looking for someone who is honest and reliable to care for your loved one. References allow you a glimpse of prospective caregiver’s past work ethic. Ask each reference if the person in question was punctual and performed their duty well, and if they’d recommend them for the position. You can tell a great deal about those you’re interviewing based on what previous employers say.

Take Your Time

There’s nothing wrong with taking your time to hire an in-home caregiver. This person will be spending a large amount of time with your loved one and your family. It’s important that they are trustworthy and that they connect well with the patient. Be thoughtful in your decision and don’t be afraid to interview many people before choosing. Selecting a caregiver should never be rushed.

Monitor the Quality of Care

Your job doesn’t end once a caregiver is hired. It’s important that you continuously monitor the care being provided to your loved one. If you suspect abuse or any mistreatment, don’t be afraid to investigate further or dismiss the caregiver. Your loved one should thrive under the care of an in-home aide, not suffer further. Communicate with your family member regularly and ask them if they’re satisfied with their care. Spend some time with the caregiver and your loved one regularly to ensure that the caregiver is meeting your expectations.

Hiring the help your loved one needs improves their quality of life. Not only does it provide them with companionship, but it also allows them to receive the assistance they need without having to leave the home that they love. If you’re searching for senior home care in Phoenix, allow 24 Hour Home Care to assist you. With our help, you’ll find the right caregiver in no time.

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