Choosing a Caregiver for Patient with Dementia

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Caring for a loved one with dementia can be trying. As the disease progresses, your loved one may have a harder time remembering things and may suffer from anxiety or paranoia. There are things you can do to cope during this difficult time, but you shouldn’t have to do it alone. Opting for in-home care in Fullerton is an excellent way to provide your loved one with the care they need without having to provide it yourself. From helping with daily tasks to dosing medication, an in-home caregiver will help take care of your loved one while still allowing them to maintain as much independence as possible. While senior in-home care is ideal for many patients dealing with dementia, finding the right care provider is just as important as the care being provided.


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There are many in-home care providers and companies available in the Fullerton area. However, it’s not enough to find someone who has worked with seniors in the past. Instead, you need to focus your efforts on finding a professional caregiver who has experience in treating patients with dementia. Dementia patients require a certain degree of care and understanding that only a select number of caregivers posses. When looking for a provider, verify the background, experience, and any certifications that prospective candidates have. Ask specific questions regarding their interactions with dementia patients in the past to gain a better understanding of how qualified they are for the position.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for dementia. While there are treatments that can slow the signs and symptoms of the disease, patients require specific care and attention. During the beginning stages of dementia, around the clock supervision and monitoring may not be required. In the later stages, 24-hour supervision may be necessary. Due to the high demands of a dementia patient, a caregiver must be flexible with their schedules. The caregiver that you choose to look after your loved one needs to understand the challenges that accompany a dementia patient, and have the flexibility to meet those demands.

Patience and Kindness

You’re choosing to enlist the help of an in-home caregiver because you deeply care about your family member suffering from dementia. You recognize that you’re may be unable to meet all of their needs, but still want the best for them. While your loved one’s caretaker may not be a family member, they should still treat your loved one with care and respect. Dementia patients often experience mood changes. They may feel listless one moment and depressed the next. In some cases, they may be extremely irritable or anxious. These emotions can be difficult for caregivers to cope with. Not only should your chosen caregiver have experience in dealing with dementia patients, they should do so with patience and kindness as well. Dementia patients require a great deal of understanding from their caregivers in order to remain healthy.


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The more consistency there is in the life of a dementia patient, the better. Routine is extremely important, as it can help those suffering from this devastating disease to remain independent and maintain control over their lives. A caretaker who consistently shows up for their scheduled shifts will not only improve the overall mood of their patient, but they could improve the symptoms of their dementia. It’s important that the caregiver you hire is aware of the importance of this. This ensures that your loved one has the necessary consistency from their in-home professional to continue to thrive.

With the help of 24Hr Homecare, finding the right specialist to handle your home care in Fullerton doesn’t have to be difficult. Our highly trained caregivers are equipped to handle the elderly and those dealing with devastating diseases, like dementia. Reliable, honest, and experienced, we have heavily screened each member of our team so you don’t have to. You can hand-pick a caregiver that best suits your needs from our line-up of qualified caretakers. Rest assured that no matter who you pick, they’ll be the right fit for your family.

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