How to Choose Senior Home Care for Personal Hygiene

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Man staying in nursing home

When you’re young, maintaining personal hygiene is just part of your daily routine. Whether it’s, brushing your teeth twice a day or bathing regularly, maintaining personal hygiene is essential. As you grow older, these seemingly simple tasks can become quite difficult to do on your own, or you may lose the ability entirely. Even if you’re still physically capable, aging may cause your brain to forget to do things that were once second nature. If you have a loved one in need of some extra help with everyday tasks, including maintaining personal hygiene, senior home care could be the perfect solution.

Many senior home care services offer very valuable assistance around the home and with getting around. However, it’s important to find a senior home care service which focuses on complete overall health, a big part of which is personal hygiene.

Many areas of hygiene can affect overall health. That is why it’s so important to keep it well maintained at any age. Learn more about how senior hygiene is different and how to choose the best senior home care in San Jose for personal hygiene when you need extra help.

Help with Bathing

Look at the Bigger Picture

When a healthy adult takes a shower, no part of the task is all that difficult. But someone who is aging and struggling with mobility or other issues may be overwhelmed by the process and decide it’s not important. Seemingly simple things can cause a great deal of frustration, especially when they know how easy these tasks used to be. Instead of getting frustrated with a loved one who doesn’t seem to want help, put yourself in their shoes. Try finding ways to make the experience safer, easier, and less overwhelming for them. If you’re not able to do it alone, there’s no shame in getting extra help. Look for in-home caregivers who are trained in helping seniors maintain personal hygiene and overall health while always showing love and care.

It’s important for your loved one to feel comfortable with their new caregiver, whether they will be there full time or only a half hour here and there. Make sure the caregiver is compatible with your loved one for them to get the most out of the experience.

Getting Help Brushing Teeth

How Hygiene Affects Overall Health

Seniors usually have lower activity levels and more sensitive skin, so it isn’t essential for them to bathe every single day. However, maintaining somewhat regular washing is very important for overall health at any age. Going too long without bathing can leave one more susceptible to urinary tract infections, skin diseases, rashes caused by dirt and bacteria, and accumulated body oils. Finding a caregiver your loved one trusts can help them be more open to keeping themselves cleaner and healthier.

Oral hygiene also affects overall health in many ways, and one is never too old to maintain great care of their teeth and gums. Excess plaque buildup can lead to gum disease and gingivitis, but can be prevented with daily brushing and flossing. If getting your loved one to brush and/or floss is difficult, try alternate methods, such as a water flosser, to make the tasks easier and less stressful. Finding a caregiver who cares about every aspect of physical health and hygiene will pay off. It’s worth taking some extra time to find the perfect match in a caregiver.

The Right Caregiver

Finding the Best Caregiver

While it’s crucial to find a well-qualified and compatible caregiver for your loved one, the process may seem overwhelming and even near-impossible at first. However, the process for finding great home care in the Los Altos and Los Gatos areas is quite simple! Get started by providing simple information about you and what you need, and the process is already underway.

With the caregiver compatibility guarantee, proven quality care, and a 24-point screening process, you can be confident your or your loved one will be in good hands whenever it’s needed. Even if you only need help for a couple hours a week, health and personal hygiene should never fall by the wayside. Take back control with senior home care in San Jose.

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