Activities to Bridge The Generational Gap Between Grandparents and Grandchildren

A relationship with a grandchild can improve a senior’s mental health because it has been proven that socialization and engagement can decrease the …

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Grandpa with Grandchild

A relationship with a grandchild can improve a senior’s mental health because it has been proven that socialization and engagement can decrease the chances of loneliness and depression. Equally so, one of the most important relationships that young children can have is with their grandparent. Grandchildren look up to their grandparents to give them direction and guidance, since they have experienced so much in their life. For some, the question lingers of what kinds of activities they can do together that they both will enjoy. We have come up with a list of activities that grandparents and grandchildren alike will appreciate and enjoy!

• Arts & crafts! Children love to play with their hands and discover new things. Try finding an art project that he or she has not completed before and teach them how to do it. This could be painting on a blank canvas, building a popsicle stick house, making slime or simply sketching portraits of each other! Arts & crafts will bring out the creative side of your grandchild and will give you both an activity that you can call your own.

• Play fun games! It can be challenging to play games outside with a grandparent, as age certainly will play a factor in their ability to participate in games such as tag or hide and go seek. However, there are several games that you can play with your grandchild that will allow you both to participate fully. Try playing a card game, board game or making up your own game to spend some quality time together!

• Take a walk! One of the best things for both children and adults alike is enjoying the great outdoors and having fresh air. Take a walk with your grandchild along a scenic route, to their favorite park or with their pet. This will give you a chance to have a conversation with them while you enjoy the outdoors.

• Go on a “grandparent date”! Do you remember your first date? Did you feel nervous as your date picked you up or as you approached their front door? Remember how special that person made you feel? Taking your grandchild out on a “grandparent date” would be a great way to not only spend quality time with your grandchild, but it will also give you a new tradition that you can keep up with in the future! This could mean going to dinner and a movie, attending a play, going to a museum or simply reading a book and having a meal together. Find out what your grandchild would like to do and make sure you treat them to a wonderful night!

Spending time with your grandchild can be a wonderful experience that will create memories to last a lifetime. Although there is a gap in generations between you, there are ways to bridge this gap and form relationships and connections that are unparalleled. We hope that you will use some of the ideas above to spend quality time with your loved ones.

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