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Wearable Technology Will Be An Asset To Home Care

Wearable technology has been worn by people for several years. These devices are frequently used by athletes who have been using tracking devices to measure their progress during a workout including calories burned, distance run, or checking pulse rate. As wearable technology improves, some health care providers believe that there is an emerging trend to expand the benefits of this technology, especially in a home care environment.

Physicians currently rely on patients or their care givers to provide accurate health monitoring information during home care, including whether the patient is eating properly, what their heart rate is, or if they are exercising regularly. For a variety of reasons, that information is not always as accurate as it should be. Providing inaccurate or incomplete information could possibly prevent the patient from getting the best treatment for their specific health issues.

Utilizing wearable devices to monitor a patient could provide a physician with accurate information even before the patient comes in for their appointment. This would help not only the physician, but would also help the patient, as the patient would not have the responsibility of having to remember what specific medical conditions to monitor. Wearable technology devices would also help the home care giver to provide better care to the patient and would make communicating to the physician easier.

As this technology improves and wearable monitors become more lightweight and easy to use, and perhaps even fashionable, it seems evident that this technology will become a valuable asset in a home care environment. A sure sign is the fact that Apple and Samsung are among some of the widely recognized technology companies that have entered the wearable technology market and are spending large sums of money to conduct health tech research.

With the end goal of improving patient care and quality of life, wearable technology shows a considerable amount of promise in the health care field.

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