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Ways to Protect Your Parents from Feeling Isolated

Loneliness and depression is very common among seniors, especially if their loved ones are not in the immediate area. Although this is a common feeling among the elderly, there are ways to prevent your parents from feeling isolated. Learn how you can help your parents feel included and special, despite the distance between you.

    • Buy a webcam or a device that allows you to video chat with your loved one. Although this is not a substitute for face to face communication and interaction, it is the next best thing! There are plenty of options out there that are easy to use and allows you to call your loved one at any time. This will allow them to feel as though they are speaking to you directly, rather than over the phone. We recommend calling them at least three to four times a week to check in on them.
    • Try to visit, when your schedule allows. Life can get busy and can impact the frequency you visit your family. However, one of the best remedies to loneliness is to quality time with the people that you love. Even if you are only able to see them for a day or two, the time that you will spend with them will be incredibly appreciated. It is said that the memories that you make with your loved ones during your visits will hold them over until the next time. Make memories your parents will cherish!
    • Encourage your parents to network within their places of worship, their local community or their neighbors. Walking clubs, book clubs, bird watching clubs and gardening clubs are very popular amongst the elderly. Encourage your parents to look outside their home for activities that will not only keep them busy but will allow them to socialize with others.
    • Send a thoughtful and useful gift to your parents. If you know that your mother has been itching to read a new book but has not found the motivation to go buy it, send it to her! Make dad a care package with all his favorite goodies! A care package not only shows your loved one that you are thinking of them, but it may encourage them to participate in activities such as reading or walking to the nearest coffee shop to redeem a gift card.
    • Hire a caregiver that will not only help them perform their daily tasks but will be a companion to them as well. Our caregivers are trained to perform light housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders, personal care and companionship. 24 Hour Home Care can provide a caregiver that fits your parents needs and will be there as a helping hand and a companion when they need one. You will have peace of mind knowing there is someone there to help them in their daily life and to be there emotionally and physically for them. Allow our caregivers to be the companion your parents need, want and deserve.

Loneliness and social isolation does not have to run your elderly parent’s life. We hope that you will follow these steps to help your loved ones feel cared for and included. We look forward to the possibility of providing companionship and care to your loved one in need.

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