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How You Can Honor Veterans this Veteran’s Day

Veterans hold a special place in society, as they have given the ultimate sacrifice to serve our country with pride and bravery.

As civilians, we often look for ways to show that we respect veterans and we appreciate the ultimate sacrifice that they made for our country. Of course, one of the easiest ways to honor a veteran is to simply say “thank you” to them for their service.  Although they are two common words, to a veteran they will go a long way. A simple hand shake and ‘thank you’ can make their day and affirm that their sacrifice for our country is not overlooked.

If you are looking for other ways to honor veterans this Veteran’s Day, consider the following:

  • Collect supplies needed for hygiene and everyday essential kits. As of January, 2016, 39,471 veterans were classified as homeless in the United States. As veterans continue to live on the streets, he or she may not have the essentials they need to live a healthy lifestyle. Consider collecting toothbrushes, deodorant, dry or canned foods, socks and warm clothes. You can reach out to your local homeless shelters to see if there is a program specifically for veterans for you to donate the items to. You can also volunteer your time to those shelters, if they are in need.
  • Try searching the internet for local programs or clubs for veterans. If there are local chapters near you, consider asking them if they need volunteers. Volunteer work with a local chapter can vary from cooking meals for them at the local chapter to simply being there as a companion for a veteran for a day!
  • Buying a veteran a coffee or a meal can bring a smile to their face. Offering them a simple treat can make their day and can show how much you appreciate their service.
  • Write a letter to the veteran in your life for them to open on Veteran’s Day. If you do not have a veteran in your life, we encourage you to send letters to either a national club or a local club that serves veterans. Having a tangible letter that thanks them for their service can allow the veteran to look back on their service whenever they may need a ‘pick-me-up.’
  • Look for a Stand Down event, hosted by the VA, in your area. These events are typically one-to-three-day events that focuses on supplying veterans with the tools he or she needs to succeed and flourish in society.
  • Remember to be an advocate for veteran’s rights and respect. Being a champion in their absence will allow the veterans in our country to feel appreciated, respected and honored on a daily basis and in multiple ways.

If you have a veteran in your life, Veteran’s Day is the perfect opportunity to revel in their dedication to their country! This holiday is meant to be a day of celebration and thanks for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to their country. This Veteran’s Day consider giving the veteran in your life a handwritten note, a special dinner in their honor or by simply telling them that you are thinking of them that day. They will appreciate your efforts and kind words.

These tasks are simple, tangible and easy ways for you to show a veteran that you admire them for their dedication to serving our country. If you are interested in getting involved with more long-term projects and community based volunteer opportunities, we encourage you to research how you can give back further.

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