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Why a Caregiver Must Understand The Personality of a Patient

There is a huge difference between how a patient first appears and their actual personality. Old age and medication can cloud a patient’s mental capacity and create a challenge for any caregiver. However, by taking the time to discover who you are really caring for, a more pleasant environment can be formed.

Search the Past

Patients have life-long experiences that are hidden in their mind. By tapping into this source, a better understanding of what type of personality your patient really has, is unleashed. Ask to see old photo albums, online social media, or other memorabilia that demonstrates the activities of their younger years. You may find that they think of many of these days over and over again, but choose to keep them quietly subdued. By prodding into happier days, their words will begin to flow and a new person will begin to emerge.

Limit the Reminders of Age

Each patient is reminded on a daily basis of their declining state of health. There is no need for constant reminders that they are old, feeble, and unable to function in the world around them. Routine mention of having to be cared for can force many patients to feel ashamed and useless. Signs of these feelings are often portrayed by anger, sadness, or refusing to communicate. Put yourself in their position and try to focus on how you would react to being an invalid. Next, try and stay as far away from mentioning their current wants and needs.

Everyone has a unique personality that defines who they are. To think that your patient is angry or quiet by nature, is not a fair assumption.  Dig deep into the soul of those that you care for and uncover their real personality.  It could be quite different than what you originally thought. Not only will the atmosphere lighten, but a new friend could be made, lessons of history learned, and an easing of tasks that once seemed difficult or impossible to conquer.

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