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Tips for Home Caregivers

There are plenty of tips when it comes to homecare but by far, these ‘home care-giving tips’ are the four best you will see this year, and every year because they are enduring.

Considering the constant flux of changes in today’s world of healthcare, home care can offer benefits that seniors and disabled persons could not obtain otherwise through maintaining personal insurance and trekking to make a visit to their local (and often times not local) physicians

Home Care givers are at a unique advantage at this pivotal time in healthcare.

First: Give the gift of money. Home care is just as affordable if not more affordable than privately held insurance through the new affordable care act. The affordable care act does not provide affordable care, thus the rates for home care are just as competitive. This is good for the home care giver and the home care recipient; it adds value to the role of the home care giver.

Second: Give the gift of caring. Home care provides the reality of one on one care. The concern that patients are being herded in and out of physicians’ offices like cattle is a thing of the past. Home care gives patients the reassurance that they matter and their health matters, again adding value to the home care giver role.

Third: Give the gift of time. Home care allows the gifting of time. Piggybacked onto the idea of one on one care, home care allows for the elimination of hasty evaluations and decision making. Showing patience reinforces the value of home care because the patient and their health is being shown value through taking the appropriate time to tend to home care patients and their needs without glossing over details that are important to the patient, once again providing additional value to the role of the home care giver.

Fourth: Give the gift of relationship. Building relationships is a luxury that many home care recipients are void of experiencing due to confinement as a result of health issues. Building rapport is a life-giving act. Home care recipients come to value their life and their home care giver upon exhibition of building relationships because they realize someone cares about them and their needs. The home care giver and their role just doubled in value thanks to their ‘life-giving’ relationship!

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