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Technologies Used by In-Home Care Agencies

As is the case nationwide, senior home care in Chandler faces many challenges, including funding limitations, difficulty providing caregivers for rural patients, and workforce issues. As technology continues to advance, many of these issues can now be addressed in ways that were impossible 10 years ago. Today, technology continues to play an important role in senior home care. Whether you’re a home care provider or someone who needs to help a loved one receive home care assistance, here are some ways that technology is used to help patients that receive in-home care services in Chandler.

Telehealth Applications

Home care providers in Chandler have found many ways to use technology to help providers assist patients. One of these is through telehealth. Telehealth allows doctors and providers to set up a system of monitors in a patient’s home so that the caregiver is instantly alerted if the patient is having complications. For example, if a patient has diabetes, telehealth monitoring allows a doctor to be notified if symptoms arise, and gives the caregiver access to data and applications that can be used to provide advice and support to in-home patients around the clock. Diabetes patients also benefit from insulin pumps that can provide a patient with a dose of insulin remotely, and in some cases, automatically. These types of monitoring systems can provide essential information to your doctor.

Web Based Communities

Another important application of technology for in-home care patients is web based communities. Online discussion groups, blogs, and support systems allow patients diagnosed with similar conditions to share tips and information with each other. These communities also provide an outlet for family members and the general public to learn about conditions, symptoms and side effects that may impact in home care patients. These types of communities provide support groups for rural or immobile patients that may not have the ability to frequently visit a doctor or caregiver.

Personal Health Records

Technology allows in-home care agencies to access health records and databases that simply did not exist prior to the age of the Internet. This means that patients that have moved frequently can still provide their caregivers with accurate medical histories and information. Additionally, patients who switch providers can still provide important details of past treatment to their new caregivers; something that would be impossible without modern technology.

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