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How Can You Spring Clean Your Home?

Cleaning can mean different things to different people, as we all may have different levels of material in our homes. Perhaps your Spring-cleaning duty is to get rid of old clothes or items that have not been worn or used in months.

What is Deep Cleaning and How is it Beneficial to You?

Deep cleaning is the act of cleaning a particular place or surface profusely until it can be categorized as spotless. Deep cleaning insinuates that the individual takes cleaning one step further and one step beyond every day cleanliness. The act of deep cleaning normally happens once or twice a year, often in Spring and again in Fall.

Deep cleaning can help get all of the dirt, grime and filth from the nooks and crannies of a home. For example, if you are cleaning your floors you will probably sweep them, vacuum them or use a mop lightly. However, when you deep clean your floors twice a year, you can use warm soapy water on a mop and truly get all of the dirt and grime out of the floors by doing some heavy-duty cleaning! This will simply allow an individual to live a healthier and cleaner life through out the following season!

How Can You Spring Clean Your Home?

Much like Marie Kondo states on her show Tidying Up, items that are kept in your home should bring you joy. Anything that does not spark a joyous reaction out of you, can be donated or thrown away.

Spring cleaning can also mean taking care of household things everyone forgets to clean, as well as the items that need to be sanitary in order for your family to live healthy and happy lives. Here is a deep cleaning checklist that you and your family can use this Spring:

  • Clean their gutters! Through out the winter, debris likely was collected in their gutters. You can grab a ladder, a hose and gloves and clean their gutters out to make sure that the debris does not overflow or cause the gutter to give out.
  • Scrub the floors! Through out the winter, you or your loved one probably swept or vacuumed, but did you scrub? Scrubbing the floors may seem like a daunting task, but there is a lot of dirt and germs that are lurking on your loved one’s floors from the winter. Be safe and get scrubbing!
  • Replace all of the filters in their home. Water filters and air filters are likely ready to be changed! Try to replace these filters every three to six months to avoid your loved one from either breathing or drinking unfiltered air or water!
  • Test all smoke alarms! This task should be done every month, to keep your loved one safe, however spring cleaning is the perfect chance to test them one more time! Make sure that the batteries are working and if they need to be replaced, do so as soon as possible!
  • Make sure there are clear paths for your loved one to move around. It is a perfect time to make sure that the paths your loved one takes to walk around or in/out of their home is clear, safe and presents no immediate danger to them. Make sure there is nothing on the ground that can trip them, such as cords or rugs. You may also want to install a guard rail in their entrance if they have steps.
  • Prepare the outdoor area for use. Now that the weather is going to be warmer, your loved one may want to enjoy afternoons on the patio or their morning coffee on the porch. Be sure to clean off all outside furniture so that it is ready for use through out the spring.

How to Clean Your Home Fast

It can be overwhelming to think about cleaning your or your loved one’s home fully, especially when it is a deep clean rather than just grazing the surfaces. There are several ways to be efficient while cleaning a home, getting the job done in a fast and effective manner. These tips include:

  • Start by clearing the clutter. This is quite possibly the lowest hanging fruit in regard to Spring-cleaning, as it is purely cosmetic but will eventually make the deep cleaning much easier down the line.
  • Focus on one area at a time. Whether it makes more sense to go room to room or surface to surface, pick your plan of attack and stick with it. This means you may clean all of the countertops in one swift motion or you clean one room at a time. Find what will give you the most motivation to finish each task quickly. One caveat for cleaning each surface one by one is that you will save time and energy putting away and gathering each type cleaning supplies, allowing you to just focus on vacuuming the carpets, then dusting the surfaces, polishing the wood, etc.
  • Dedicate a specific amount of time to each room. Perhaps you work better under a tight deadline, which can provide you with extra motivation. Giving yourself a set amount of time to get the deep cleaning done can help you accomplish your goals in a faster and more efficient manner.
  • Play some music and enjoy yourself! Cleaning can be boring, but when you put on fun and upbeat music and make it more enjoyable, you may be surprised how fast time flies! We know it can get monotonous, so try spicing up your cleaning routine!

We know that spring cleaning may sound daunting, but we think that it is an important time to make sure your loved one is safe in their own home. Cleaning allows you to check in on their well-being, provide help to them to keep them safe and to do a favor for your loved one! Happy Spring!

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