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Signs Your Loved One Needs Help with Personal Hygiene

You may be aware of certain tasks that your loved one needs help with, such as grocery shopping or medication reminders. But, did you know that your aging loved one may need help with their personal hygiene? As we get older, our bodies are not able to function the way they once did. This means that it may be harder for us to bathe, brush our teeth, wash our clothes or successfully use the restroom. While they may seem subtle, these signs may signal that your loved one needs help with their personal hygiene.

If your loved one is wearing the same clothes several days in a row and it is obvious that they have not been washed, it may be more than just a favorite shirt to them. Their joints and bones may ache so much that it is simply too painful to get dressed and undressed each day. Often times, seniors will stay in the same clothes for days on end because they are unable to take them off and change into a fresh outfit. A caregiver can help your loved one change into a fresh set of clothes and put their dirty clothes into the wash. Your loved one will appreciate the clean change of clothes and the extra set of hands to do so.

You may notice that your loved one’s oral hygiene has greatly declined in recent months or years. Your loved one may simply forget to brush his or her teeth, leaving their mouth exposed to thousands of germs a day. Our caregivers can help your loved one brush their teeth or simply remind them to do so each day. You will instantly notice a difference, and we hope they will too! Our mission is to make them feel as comfortable and confident in their skin as possible.

Our caregivers can also help provide bathing and incontinence care. During your visit, if your parent or family member appears to not have bathed or changed their adult diaper in some time, it may be time to bring in a caregiver. Our delicately trained caregivers will deliver the most discreet bathing and incontinence care to your loved one. We will make sure that he or she is clean, happy and healthy for your next visit.

We hope that these tips and signs will help you distinguish whether your loved one needs a caregiver or not. Our trained caregivers are there to help your family with personal hygiene, medication reminders, meal preparation and light housekeeping. We hope to serve your family very soon!

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