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Senior In Home Care Myths: Part 1

For many families, it can be a tough decision to choose senior in home care services for a loved one. Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion about senior care that can keep you from making the best decision for you family. So to help you make an informed choice, here are some common myths concerning in home care debunked.

Myth 1: Senior in home care is only for those who are extremely sick.

Reality: This is not always true. While in home care can be extremely beneficial for those who require help in their everyday activities, it can also be used to aid younger patients who are recovering from a surgery, or living with a chronic illness.

Myth 2: I can take care of my loved ones myself, and I do not need professional help.

Reality: Maybe not right now, but things change. Today, there are 65.7 million informal and family caregivers throughout the nation who provide care to someone sick, disabled, or aged. But sometimes, taking care of a loved one can be incredibly hard to balance with your own personal life. Plus, it is always a good idea to hire a trained professional in case of an emergency.

Myth 3: My parents would feel as if their sense of independence is taken away.

Reality: Even though it can be a challenging transition for your parent to get used to someone coming into their home, it will benefit them in the long run. In fact, living under one’s own rules is a key reason many elderly choose to stay in their own home. A full 90% of seniors actually prefer to ‘age in place’ rather than move into a care facility. In home care providers can help seniors regain the mobility and independence they’ve lost.

Myth 4: I have no say about who comes into their home.

Reality: Agencies will try to match caregivers to seniors that share similar interests. And if you ever feel as if you do not trust or get along well with your chosen caretaker, you can request a different one.

Myth 5: Senior in home care is incredibly expensive, and only the wealthy can afford it.
Reality: Instead of looking at the price tag, you must consider the benefits your loved ones will get having personalized in home care. In home care is much more affordable in the long run than moving your parent into a senior living facility, and there are some different payment options for families with tighter budgets.

Stay tuned for our Senior In Home Care Myths: Part 2!

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