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Top 5 Fun and Safe Labor Day Activities to Do with Your Senior Family Member

Labor Day traditionally marks the end of summer and provides an opportunity for family members to spend time together. If you have a family member who is a senior, here are our top 5 fun and safe activities you can enjoy together.

1. Let’s Get Crafty

Timageedit_1_3298713590his is a great way to integrate the entire family from seniors to little ones – create a craft project that everyone can enjoy. The entire family can create their own American flags or fun firework hand prints using construction paper, glue, paint, finger paint and glitter. Make sure you’re using safe art supplies to include water-based paint and kid-safe glue.



2. Catch a Family-Friendly Show

Check your local listings for a family-friendly performance, such as a musical, play or even visit a local art gallery or museum. If you’re in a warm climate where being outdoors may be challenging, catch a movie that’s safe for the entire family. While you’re out and about, make sure your seniors are wearing comfortable clothing and shoes, pack medication and take necessary precautions if outdoors in the summer heat.

3. Break Out the Baking Pans

Timageedit_3_2357581861his is a great activity, especially if there are grandchildren involved. Baking sweets, such as cupcakes, cake pops and cookies is a great way for seniors to bond with their grandkids. You can even bake labor-day themed cookies and make small care packages for your family, friends and neighbors, handing them out throughout the weekend.

4. Throw a Photo Throwback Party

Break out your family photos and take a trip down memory lane. This is a fun way to bond with the entire family and even reminisce about embarrassing fashion trends and hair-do’s of the past. You may even find some older photos that can be passed on for future generations.

5. Get Competitive With Board Games

Put down the smartphones and break out the checkerboard. If your family has a competitive streak that runs from generation to generation, this could be a great way to bond and create some lasting memories. Dust off the old checkerboard for one-on-one play, or a game of Monopoly for all of the family members to take part in the game. Bingo is another fun game to play with a senior family member. You can also find giant versions of board games for seniors who may have a hard time seeing, but would like to still take part in a bit of healthy family competition.

Any way you choose to celebrate Labor Day, make it a safe, fun-filled day building family bonds and memories across all generations.

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