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New Year’s Eve Activities for Seniors

New Year’s Eve is typically full of excitement and celebration, with parties that last well into the first day of January. However, seniors may feel that they cannot celebrate the way they used to, since most of them are physically unable to stay awake until midnight. We think it is important to incorporate all ages into celebrating the holidays, especially one as fun as New Year’s Eve! Here are some fun activities for New Year’s Eve that your senior loved one will enjoy.

• Crafts! Your loved one might love to draw, paint or sketch. Creating the perfect creative environment can bring happiness to your loved one. Consider finding a comfy place to sit and providing all the supplies they may need. Is your loved one not an artist? No problem! They can use glue and glitter, beads and string or adult coloring books!

• Cooking or baking their favorite foods! Does your loved one love pasta, cookies or your world-famous brownies? Consider cooking or baking with your loved one and then sitting and enjoying the food together! After all, who doesn’t love great food and even better company?

• Talk! Sometimes, the best thing you can do is just spend time with your loved one and give them your undivided attention. We suggest making coffee or tea and sitting down to chat with your loved one.

• Watch a movie—their choice! During the cold winter months, snuggling up with a warm blanket and watching a good movie just fits the bill. Consider asking your loved one what their favorite movie is and creating the perfect home cinema, complete with popcorn and warm blankets!

• Switch your countdown! Your loved one is more than likely not going to be able to stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop or celebrate the New Year. Consider having a celebration in the morning and counting down to 12 noon instead. They will still have a countdown and feel as though they celebrated, but they will not have to fight to stay awake.

New Year’s Eve is a fun holiday that allows you to ring in the new year with friends and family that are close to your heart. This year, consider implementing these tips to help your senior loved one feel included!

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