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Know When It’s Time to Hire Home Care Services

The earliest signs of aging include wrinkles, age spots and gray hair. Millions of people experience these changes each year, causing this to be an experience many elderly individuals bond over. But did you know that some signs of aging require more than cosmetic quick-fixes? Frailty and memory loss signal that it may be time to begin discussing the future. The recognition that your older loved ones aren’t as strong as they once were can be alarming. The good news is those common results of aging don’t always mean the loss of independence. Many seasoned adults can stay in their homes and continue to live independently with some assistance from a Danville caregiver, but how do you know when the aging process has reached a point where they need a little more help than can be discovered in the pages of a fashion magazine?

The early symptoms are a prime time to begin the conversation about homecare in Danville. Here is a short list of some of the common signs that your loved one may need a little help around the house.

Messy Home

If your loved one has never been the world’s best housekeeper, a little bit of mess probably shouldn’t sound any alarms. However, if you’ve been noticing your loved one’s home is consistently messier than normal, especially if the mess is the kind that may create health or safety hazards if it continues unchecked, it may be time to look into home care in Danville.

Standing for long periods of time in front of a sink washing dishes or the exertion of vacuuming can be a struggle for those who’ve lost some muscle and stamina due to age. Fortunately, most senior home care services provide light housekeeping as part of the package, allowing seniors to remain independent and in their homes without compromising their own health and safety.


Everyone has misplaced a remote control or a set of keys or walked into a room and forgotten why they entered it. Those minor memory lapses are just part of the human experience. However, as people age, those lapses become more common.

Some memory loss due to age should be expected. More serious forgetfulness, however, may signal the need for assistance in the home. The good news is memory loss doesn’t always signal the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Often, it’s a natural part of the aging process, and one that can be easily negated with a little help from a home care service.

Most homecare service providers assist their elderly clients with reminders for necessary tasks like taking medication and going to appointments. Having a home care service provider is like tying a string around a finger, ensuring that your loved one can continue to live independently and in good health in their own home.

Lacking Nutrition

Eating healthy and getting the proper nutrition is challenging for people of all ages. Therefore as we age, it is common to feel as though eating healthy and delicious food is nearly impossible, as you may not have the energy to meal prep healthy meals. A home care service can make sure that healthy meals are prepared, enjoyed and properly stored.

You may notice your elderly loved one has a cupboard full of expired foods or a freezer full of microwave dinners and little else. That probably signals that cooking or grocery shopping has become a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, home care service providers can offer meal preparation. Or, if that’s not the issue, many home care providers will assist in crafting a grocery list and doing the shopping. This ensures your loved one is eating nutritious meals in their own home, prolonging their ability to age in place where they are most comfortable—in their own home.

Poor Hygiene

Two things can lead to improper hygiene. First, aging comes decreased muscle tone and painful joints,  making things like standing in place and brushing teeth or blow-drying hair an uncomfortable or even painful experience. The other thing that can lead to poor hygiene is cognitive impairment.

Part of aging involves slight memory function loss. If your mom isn’t brushing her teeth regularly and your dad isn’t showering as often as he should, a home care service provider can help. Many providers will assist your aging loved ones in bathing and dressing or remind them that it’s time to brush their teeth. Proper hygiene is critical to keeping your loved one in his or her own home, asproper hygiene is one way to ensure continued health.


If your loved one isn’t getting out as often as he or she used to, they may feel lonely and depressed. Not being able to get around well can cause some folks to socially isolate themselves. Chronic loneliness can be a health hazard in addition to causing depression.

Ensuring your loved one has frequent interaction with the outside world isn’t just a way to ward off depression. It’s a way to help keep your loved one’s mind sharp and their spirits high.

Companionship is one of the most important things home care providers offer their clients. Not only will your loved one have a companion stopping in for visits regularly, but a home care provider can also assist in taking your loved one to social activities or simply for walks in the park.

Frequent Falls or Injuries

The physical ailments associated with aging means your elderly loved ones are more prone to slips and falls than they once were.  If you notice that your loved one has scrapes, bruises or other injuries, it may be a sign that they need help getting around their house.

A home caregiver not only will provide assistance getting around, but a caregiver can also make sure that when and if a slip or fall occurs, wounds are properly dressed and cleaned. A scrape that refuses to heal due to improper dressing shouldn’t be the catalyst for your loved one having to move from his or her home, but that can happen.

Most seniors prefer to stay in their homes and age in place, and home caregivers offer the bridge that allows many to do so. Having a discussion about when it’s the right time to hire a home care service is one key to ensuring that your loved one can live independently.

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