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Is Your House Fall-Proof for Your Loved One?

Falling is, unfortunately, a part of growing older and is very common for older individuals to experience a fall. In fact, one in three American seniors experience a fall in any given year. Falls among seniors can cause serious injuries such as a fractured or broken bone. If you have a loved one that is a fall risk, the first step to protecting them and their health is by fall proofing their home. Below are tips to help you fall-proof your home and keep them safe!

  • Make sure that all carpets in the home are secured. If there is a section of the carpet that is raised or may have the slightest bump in it, it could cause your loved one to lose their balance and fall. Make sure that all rugs, throws and carpets are flat on the ground to minimize the risks of a fall.
  • Remove clutter that could cause your loved one to lose their balance. This could include bags, purses, plants or anything else that could get in the way of your loved one walking around their home. They should be able to walk around without having to worry about running into something that may cause them to lose their balance.
  • Clear outside paths for your loved one. If there is a garden in front of your loved one’s home, make sure that the plants are tamed and trimmed so the plants do not interfere with your loved one while they are entering or exiting their home.
  • Use handrails where necessary. Many elderly people can benefit from having handrails installed into their home or outside of their home. Handrails on any staircase, shower or hallway may help your loved one get around and avoid losing their balance.
  • Light up the home at night. When it gets dark, if there are not nightlights programmed to come on, your loved one may be walking around in a dim and murky home. Make sure that you have adequate lighting for your loved one to turn on and allow them to see all hours of the day.

We hope that these tips will help you fall-proof your loved one’s home. We hope these tips will give you peace of mind and allow you to feel good knowing the senior in your life is safe in their own home.

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