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Home Care Bathroom Safety: Is Your Home Ready For Mom?

Once you’ve made the decision to move an elderly relative into your own home, you’ll need to review some basic bathroom safety elements. According to the AARP, the bathroom is the most dangerous room in your home for seniors, but with a few simple modifications you can cut your risk dramatically.

Once you decide to choose home care for your parent, these tips will help you reduce the risk of bathroom falls.

In the tub: If you have the option, choose a sturdy shower door instead of a curtain. If your home has a curtain and it isn’t financially feasible to switch to a door, install railings and a bath seat for safety. Bathing in a seated position on a specially designed chair will boost safety and improve modesty and independence.

A tub transfer seat can go on the outside of the tub and make the transition to the interior seat easier on your patient. If the bathroom has available space, a transfer seat is an excellent investment.

On the walls: Install grab bars for safety and make sure that towel bars and toilet paper holders are not used for

On the floor: A sturdy bath mat with a non-skid backing is essential to prevent falls. Use an over-sized mat or multiple mats to be sure that the floor does not become wet and slippery.

Temperature: Seniors with diabetes or similar conditions may not be able to tell when water is too hot. Reduce the temperature on your hot water heater to reduce the risk of burns and skin damage.

Medications: Break the practice of keeping medication in the bathroom. Extreme temperatures and moisture can reduce the effectiveness of the drugs, and seniors with memory issues could accidentally double dose if the pills are accessible.

Lighting: Good regular lighting that illuminates the entire room is essential for safety; nightlights that light up hallways and entryways will help as well.

Boosting your bathroom safety is an essential part of providing home care; these simple measures will prevent falls, burns and medication mistakes and keep your parent safe at home.

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