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Top 7 Duties to Look for While Hiring Senior Caregivers

Searching for the perfect caregiver in Walnut Creek can be a difficult task. Each caregiver has a different style of working, but they all should offer a variety of the same services. When you’re trying to decide which caregiver is right for you, there are seven duties that you should look for when hiring.

Medical Assistance

If you or your loved one has a large number of prescriptions that need to be taken, it’s important that the caregiver is able to help administer these medications. It’s easy for seniors to forget to take their important medications. Caregivers can help make sure they are never forgotten.


Transportation is a very important task. You want to find a caregiver who is willing to drive their patient to and from doctor’s appointments, church, grocery stores, pharmacies, and any other daily activities.


Throughout the years, daily activities seem to get more and more difficult. Keeping up with some light housekeeping tends to be one of the most common things that seniors need help with. Always hire a caregiver who is willing to lend a helping hand with housekeeping.

Meal Preparation

Cooking can often require you to stand for extended periods of time. As you grow older, standing can begin to cause unwanted pain. Food preparation can become increasingly difficult throughout the years. A caregiver should be able to help prepare and cook meals for your loved one, and participate in grocery shopping.


As we age, it becomes more difficult to transfer in and out of bed, the bathtub, and chairs. A proper caregiver will be able to help their patient move in and out of the tub with ease.

Basic Needs

There are certain daily activities that are simply too difficult for seniors to perform on their own. Getting dressed in the morning, doing their hair, make-up, or nails, bathing, and going to the bathroom can all be tasks that a caregiver should be able to help with.


Most importantly, the caregiver you hire should be able to spend time with whomever they are taking care of. Whether they watch a movie together, read a book, sing a song, play a card game, or go for a walk, they need to be able to spend time with one another.

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