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Caregiver Tips: Ideas For Helping Keep Seniors Safe in the Fall and Winter

For years, studies have indicated that America’s seniors are more apt to experience fall related health problems once the autumn leaves and winter snow starts to fly. The increase in such unfortunate incidents is justifiably attributed to seasonal factors. Among them are patches of black ice on the sidewalks, frost heaved paving stones and gutters filled with snow or leaves.

But they are not the only contributing factors. As many caregivers know, a senior’s prescription medications, eyesight, muscle strength and list of comorbidities will always play a role in his or her falls risk as well. So when those factors are combined with the seasonal elements we mentioned, it’s easy to see why falls risks go up at certain times of the year.

On a positive note, there are easy, affordable actions caregivers may take to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. One of them is to suggest that seniors consider having gutter guards installed around the entire perimeter of their houses and attached garages. Especially designed to withstand the harshest of elements, they are ideal for ailing individuals that don’t want to risk their health further by climbing ladders.

Caregivers should note that the guards come in different styles that are sure to keep ice, snow, rain, leaves and build up of other airborne matter from creating problems. Some of the guards are energy efficient and capable of generating heat. That’s clearly and advantage when it comes to cleaning up the aftermath of snow and ice storms. Furthermore, the special guards may be professionally installed and serviced. Thereby keeping seniors from feeling compelled to take care of such tasks themselves.

In addition to the guards, caregivers may want to suggest that seniors also seek out community volunteers or additional hired hands that are capable of carting away residual lawn debris and keeping pathways clean. Many times, home health agencies may know of responsible individuals or bonded companies willing to provide such invaluable assistance to area seniors at a reasonable fee.

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