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Caregiver Fatigue: When to Ask for Help

It is perfectly normal to feel tired at the end of a long day at work. After caring for a client, you may feel emotionally and physically drained, because you have given all of your energy to them for hours. While this is normal, and millions of people feel tired after a long day at work, it is important to recognize the signs of burnout or fatigue. Burnout and fatigue can lead to unhappiness at work, especially when you let it build up without being addressed. Here is when you know you need to ask for help or time off to refresh.

  • If you are feeling like you are too tired to get up every morning, no matter how much you sleep you get, it may be time to take some time off to relax. Taking a day off to relax does not necessarily mean you have to take time off from your job, you can also clear your schedule on one of your days off to rest, relax and recharge.
  • If you find yourself without time to shift mindsets in between your career and your personal life, know that it is okay to ask your friends and family for a moment to yourself to gather your thoughts. It is okay to ask for time to yourself, for yourself.
  • Ask your family to help you get your mind off of things, as caregivers often bring their work life home with them. If you are experiencing difficulties with your client or you are thinking about them on your personal time, you may still feel as though you are on the clock and become exhausted. It can be challenging to disconnect, but you will have less mental and emotional fatigue by doing so.

Being a caregiver can be incredibly challenging. You have a client and their loved ones depending on you to take care of them, which can seem like a lot riding on your shoulders. Burnout and fatigue should never be a normal part of your daily routine. Do not shy away from asking for help from your friends, family and agency, as they are likely your biggest supporters.

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