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How a Caregiver Can Help in Meal Planning

Hiring in-home care in Pasadena is a great way to give your aging loved one the care and attention needed. While they may not be suffering from a chronic illness or disease, some seniors simply need a bit of help with daily activities. Many people associate in-home care with medical needs. Meal planning and preparation, for example, is one way that a caregiver can improve a senior’s life and reduce the stress of their family members.

Dietary Restrictions

It’s not uncommon for seniors to have dietary restrictions. As seniors age, their bodies may not be able to tolerate certain ingredients and their health condition may limit what types of foods they can eat. In some cases, there may also be foods that interact negatively with their medications. Because of this, it’s often difficult to plan meals that are nutritious and still delicious. There’s no need to rack your brain to come up with a satisfying meal. Instead, rely on your in-home care provider. Your caregiver can help overcome this obstacle. Because of their experience and training, they can create a tasty menu that’s perfect for your loved one, while still respecting any restrictions that may be in place.

Senior meals 2Communication with Physicians

Your homecare specialist isn’t working alone to improve the life of your loved one. Instead, they’re part of an extensive team that is carefully monitoring the care and treatment of your favorite senior. When it comes to meals and nutrition, your chosen caregiver will work closely with the dietary instructions provided by your loved one’s physician. Perhaps a decreased amount of sodium is needed to reduce high blood pressure. Maybe a reduction in sugar and carbs is recommended due to diabetes. No matter what the health concerns of your loved one’s physicians may be, a caregiver will plan a menu that aligns with the recommendations given. Over time, improved health and vital signs may be noted due to an improved nutritional plan.

A Chance to Participate

Although your loved one requires the help of a caretaker, they should still be given the opportunity to participate and make decisions regarding their life. A caregiver isn’t there to strip independence away from your loved one. Instead, it’s their duty to create a safe environment for seniors to live their lives and make decisions where possible. When it comes to meal planning, the caregiver will sit down with your loved one and plan entrees that they’ll enjoy eating. Then, if possible, they’ll be given the opportunity to participate in the preparation and cooking. Participating in the planning and preparation of their food is an activity that can keep your loved one’s memory sharp.

Less Stress for You

As a family member, your loved one’s dietary needs have undoubtedly been a concern. If you’re caring for children and yourself along with a senior loved one, it can be difficult to balance everyone’s needs. Preparing a separate meal that meets all your favorite senior’s dietary restrictions and requirements can be time-consuming and draining. Instead of juggling multiple menus, turn it over to your caregiver. You’ll no longer have to worry about planning and preparing multiple meals. Instead, you can check it off your list and rest assured that your loved one is getting the nutrition that they need.

Grocery Shopping Made EasySenior meals 3

Many caregivers will do more than just plan and prepare the meals for your aging loved one. They’ll even grocery shop, too! Depending on the needs of the patient and their job description, your caregiver may be willing to make a grocery list including the necessary ingredients, and pick them up at your favorite grocery store. This type of service streamlines meal planning and makes it easy for the caregiver to monitor the types of food being consumed by your loved one.

Nutritious Snacks

On top of planning meals, your loved one’s caregiver can also recommend healthy snack options. They may even pick up the ingredients and prepare a few, making it easy to grab one during the day. These snacks, as with the meals, will be highly nutritious and will follow the dietary guidelines set by your loved one’s physicians.

Home care in Pasadena does more than just benefit your loved one’s life medically. When given the opportunity, your caregiver can provide healthy meal and snack options that are enjoyable and nutritious!

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