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Breathing Exercises to Help Seniors Improve Their Lung Health

Breathing exercises for seniors can help increase their strength, stamina, as well as improve their overall mood and well-being. As adults age, their blood oxygen levels decrease by up to 20%, which can make it difficult for them to breathe properly and deeply. It is important for seniors to work on the following breathing techniques every day, as it will improve their lung functions greatly.

Breathing Exercises While Sitting:

These exercises can be done in the comfort of their own home, while sitting in their favorite chair. It is important that they sit comfortably, but with proper posture so that they are sitting upright and not slumped or slouched. They should put one hand on their chest and the other on their belly, to feel the expansion of the breath. As they inhale, the hand that is on their chest should rise. As they exhale, the hand places on the belly should rise or push forward. This will work the upper lobes of the lungs. This exercise should be repeated for a minute or two.

Breathing Exercises While Standing:

Participating in standing breathing exercises can work the lower lobes of the lungs. Simply stand up in a comfortable position with proper posture. Both hands should be lightly placed on their belly, and they should relax. Next, they should take a deep breath in and feel both of their hands rise or push out. This exercise can be repeated for a minute.

Advanced Rib Lifting Exercises:
If it is available to them, the elderly individual could try to perform a rib lifting exercise. This exercise is performed while standing straight just as the standing breathing exercise called for, with their hands simply in front of their waist. To begin this exercise, the individual should breathe in as they lift their arms overhead. As they breathe out, they should lower their arms and relax as they are doing so. This exercise can be repeated for a total of ten times.

Breathing may seem like an effortless task for many, but for elderly individuals it can become challenging as they get older. We hope these breathing exercises help bring more strength, stamina and better moods to the elderly. As always, please reach out to a medical professional if you think that your loved one needs medical attention to assist their breathing challenges.

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