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Benefits Of Home Care for Seniors

The benefits of home care for seniors is abundant on a variety of levels. On a weekly/daily basis, caregivers from our home care agency can provide quality assistance with general activities of daily living, creating a better sense of well being and independence for the senior community we serve. This is what we at  24 Hour Home Care hope to accomplish for all of our clients, as we provide home care for a variety people and circumstances.

Personal Independence

Many times, seniors  have sound health, but have experienced a medical set back and may only need us for the short term. This situation may make it possible for the client to call the shots regarding what they want to do for the day. These circumstances make the senior better able to decide how they would like to utilize the time of their caregiver.

We recognize that each senior we care for is an individual, with unique needs. Our caregivers are ready to accommodate a wide variety of diverse needs promptly. They may be assisting with any number of things including personal cares, running errands, housekeeping, or perhaps accompanying them to an appointment. The clients make the decisions, which can give them a greater sense of well being as they recover from a short term medical set back.

Family Caregiver Respite

Family members who caregive for a loved one daily, may find themselves becoming overwhelmed by the constant care their loved one needs at all times. Home care for seniors provides another benefit in this way. In home caregivers from our agency can provide for the needs of loved ones while a family caregiver takes a well deserved break to care for their own physical and mental well being.

Companion Care

Companion care for seniors has become an integral part of home care for senior loved ones. Working family members can go through their work day knowing that there is a home caregiver with their senior loved one, keeping them active and engaged socially. Our home caregivers frequently participate in board games, cards or social outings to keep seniors mentally focused and occupied.

Care Plan Circumstances

There are other situations involving more chronic, or acute medical issues calling for a more intense care plan to be expedited. These may be due to circumstances involving declining health in a senior loved one. 24 Hour Home Care can provide caregiving shifts, with overnight care if needed, following a strict health care plan tailored for being home, directed by the client’s physician.

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