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Be a Gentle Caregiver

Being a Caregiver can be a very stressful job. You have people depending on you just to get by in everyday life. Your job may be to help with hygiene, cooking meals, housekeeping duties, and outings. But the biggest and most important part of your job will be to establish a caring relationship with your clients.

Your clients have to depend on you, and they may be intimidated by needing this help to begin with. That’s why being a gentle caregiver is so important. Think about your client before you assist them with something. Get in the habit of letting them know what’s about to happen. You don’t want to to just start a hygiene task without the client knowing what your doing.

If you are assisting an older client in the shower, it may help to turn on a heat vent, if one’s available; as senior citizens tend to get cold very easily. Maybe you could put a towel on the floor to prevent the client from slipping. Not only are you keeping him or her safe, but you are also showing them that you care. Keep in mind, your clients have put all their trust in you. So for them to actually know in their hearts that you care can mean the world to them.

You may have the chance to assist a client with an outing. It could be an evening out for dinner, or it could be a simple shopping trip. Whatever it may be, make sure to include your client in the planning process. Ask where they would like to eat, or what store they would like to go shopping at. While you are on that trip to the store, allow the client to pick out what they want to buy. They know what they like better than anyone, so you should never try to push your own style on them. It’s okay to offer suggestions, and even say how nice something may look that your client wouldn’t normally wear. If they aren’t open to it, however, don’t stress on it.

The most important part of your job is to make your clients feel safe. They need to know they matter, and that they are an important person in your life. This can make a huge difference in the lives of the people you take of, so be the best caregiver you can be.

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