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Bathroom Safety for Seniors

Did you know that every 11 seconds an elderly individual goes to the emergency room for a fall-related injury? Your loved one can be at risk for becoming a fall victim every time they enter their bathroom, if it is not fit for their needs. We think it is important to be proactive and to make the bathroom a safer place for your loved one, before it becomes too late.

  • Install a chair in your loved ones’ shower. If your loved one has trouble standing, staying balanced and prefers sitting down, try a shower chair. This will allow them to sit down and either use the shower themselves or they will be able to sit while their caregiver helps them bathe. This will make them more comfortable and allow them to feel safer while they bathe.
  • Buy non-slip mats to prevent falls. Mats can help your loved one stand their ground and avoid slipping. The mats should be placed inside and outside the tub, as well as around the toilet or sink.
  • Make sure their toilet is suitable for their needs. The toilet seat should be raised and cushioned for them, so that they can sit with ease and comfort. Additionally, it can be beneficial to install handrails next to the toilet or find a toilet set with built in handrails.
  • Reorganize the bathroom so that the things your loved one uses daily is within reach. Clear out the higher cabinets and place those items in a lower cabinet or buy drawers that are easier to reach. Plastic drawers may be purchased at your local Target, Walmart or home store. These are likely to be at a lower height and easy to open and close.
  • Make sure the lighting is up to their standards. It is important to make sure that our loved one feels comfortable in the bathroom and that they can see what they are doing. The lighting should be bright enough to allow them to see clearly, but soft enough to be easy on their eyes to prevent them from getting dizzy and losing their balance.

The safety and happiness of our clients is our priority and we want to prevent your elderly loved one from becoming another statistic. We hope that these tips and helpful hints allow your loved one to use the restroom in a safe manner. However, if your loved one needs more assistance to stay safe, our caregivers can help them in their daily tasks, including bathing and toileting.  A caregiver can be the extra support system and shoulder to lean on for your loved one to keep them as safe as possible.

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