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Resources for a Family of an Individual with Autism

We know that when a member of your family is diagnoses with Autism, you may feel overwhelmed, alone and afraid of the challenges that are ahead of you. These feelings are completely normal and valid, it is a time of uncertainty and change! However, you do not have to feel completely alone; there are resources for you and your family!

Autism speaks has curated a list of resources for your family that will allow you to live a healthy and happy life. The resources that they provide to families range from the person who is on the Autism spectrum to the family members that are affected by their Autism. There are also resources that are specific to the type of Autism that your family member may have. Remember that each type of Autism is different, and their daily lives will be different from the others on the spectrum, so the resources will be different as well.

We also encourage you to look into your community or within support groups to find families that have similar experiences as you. This will allow you to communicate with others that may be feeling the same way as you, giving you an outlet to channel your emotions. Support groups may vary based on the specific diagnoses or a general support group for families with loved ones that have a disability or are special needs.

These resources are meant to help you and your family learn how to cope during a time of uncertainty, fear and challenges. We know that this time in your life in chaotic and hectic, but these resources and support groups will allow you to relate to people that are in your same situation. We hope that you find the proper resources that are right for you and your family.

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