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How Art Therapy Can Help Your Senior Loved One

What Is Art Therapy?
Art therapy is the therapeutic practice of creative and art based activities. Such activities can include drawing, painting, coloring, sculpture, dance, sewing, etc. Listening to music is one of the most common forms of art therapy, as many people seem to do it as a part of their daily activities.

How Can Art Therapy Help My Senior Loved One?
If your loved one is experiencing frustration from aging, mental or physical illnesses or behavioral issues, art therapy can help. By encouraging your loved one to express themselves with art therapy, he or she may find relief in a simple, yet therapeutic task. Through art therapy, your loved one may learn how to control their emotions, how to channel their stress, express themselves and they will get a boost of confidence. Your loved one will feel proud of the work that they have done through art therapy and will experience higher self-confidence, leading to an overall more positive mood. Additionally, your loved one’s cognitive skills and intellectual stimulation will improve, allowing them to challenge themselves with new activities. If you want to read more about art therapy and the different activities that your loved one can try, please click here.

How Can You Implement Art Therapy into Your Loved Ones Routine?

Implementing art therapy can be an easy task and may require little to no preparation, depending on the activity they wish to pursue. The first thing to do is ask your loved one what form of art he or she prefers and would like to learn. If they say drawing, gather a piece of paper and markers or crayons for them to start drawing. All forms of art can be personalized to fit your loved ones needs and desires, such as their favorite type of music or learning a new dance while they are in a wheelchair. The key is to make it fun for them and to tailor it to fit their needs, wants and desires. If your loved one chooses a form of art therapy that is new to both you and your loved one, try looking up classes in the area that will allow them to learn the fundamentals from a professional. This can eliminate frustration that they may feel to understand a foreign concept that may require time to learn. The key to successful art therapy is to make sure that the activity is fun for them and allows them to release any stress or anxiety they may have.


We hope that you will encourage your loved one to express their feelings, thoughts and emotions through art therapy. It is so important that your loved one knows that they can express themselves in a healthy, therapeutic and artistic way. Enjoy!

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