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4 Myths Associated with In-Home Care Services

When the time comes where you believe that in-home care in Los Angeles is be the best decision for you or a loved one, you might start asking a few questions. Which agency is best for you? How can you keep your independence? Will your caretaker actually care about you? Will you have any problems with your caretaker? What if any of the rumors are true? There can be much confusion and worry surrounding the idea of home care. Thankfully, there are a few myths you can go ahead and knock right out of the ballpark.


Many people fear they will be abused or stolen from when they hire a caretaker. Not all companies do a thorough background check on their employees. That’s why it’s important that you speak with each agency and clarify their employee screening methods.
In order to avoid mistreatment from your caretaker, ask the agency how they train their employees. Home health care workers should have a certain amount of training in the field. Some agencies require all of their employees to be certified.

“They Don’t Actually Care about You”

A concern you and your family may have is the thought of your caretaker not caring for you properly. A professional care giver should be able to spend time with you in order to figure out your individual needs and treat you accordingly.

“It’s Only for Injured or Ill People”

Some people may tell you that in-home care is only available for people recovering from a serious injury or battling a disease, but that simply isn’t true. In-home care can be beneficial for people who need help with activities such as cleaning, shopping, meal preparation, or driving.

“It’s Only for Old People”

While elderly people might benefit greatly from in-home care, this doesn’t mean that younger people recovering from an injury or dealing with a chronic illness would not. Many young people with mental disorders or chronic illnesses have in-home caretakers.

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