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10 Fun Summer Activities the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Summertime can be one of the most enjoyable few months for families, as school is out and that leaves plenty more time for family bonding!

  1. If you live in a place where summer storms are plentiful or perhaps the weather starts to become to hot to be outside, consider hosting a movie marathon for your family! By selecting a movie that is appropriate for all ages, you can invite multiple generations to come together and enjoy a movie, popcorn or dinner included! Not only will you be able to enjoy a great film, but you can sit around and discuss the movie afterwards to spark conversation between family members!
  2. Summertime means plenty of sunshine that can help plants and trees grow! Planting a garden with your family members can give you all a sense of purpose through out the summer and will teach your children to look after something by watering the plants, checking on them periodically and how the lifecycle of plants works! Grandma and grandpa can enjoy this activity by either participating in planting or can help the children decide which plants to grow and where! We even suggest looking into growing a garden that will give the family vegetables to eat through out the summer, such as lettuce or cucumbers!
  3. If you and your family love to sit down together and have great conversation and delicious food, consider taking them out for a picnic. Weather permitting, try going to a park and setting up the perfect picnic that is comfortable for everyone, grandparents included! However, if the weather is starting to be a bit too warm for your liking, we encourage you to set up a picnic indoors! You can lay a blanket down or simply set up chairs to mimic an outdoor picnic, just in the comfort of your own home with air conditioning!
  4. Visiting a museum is the perfect way to stay cool in the summer heat and to bring multiple generations together to bond over interesting facts and artifacts. If you live near a museum, aquarium or learning center, consider bringing your whole family together for a day of learning and fun! If a grandparent is attending, consider renting a wheelchair for that day so that he or she can participate fully by being able to see all of the exhibits without fear of falling or becoming too tired too soon.
  5. Crafts are always fun for family members of all ages! Have you ever built a bird house together or considered making summer decorations for your home? Having craft time with your family is a perfect way to challenge your child’s imagination while teaching them a new craft that they can pass down to their children. Consider allowing their grandparents to teach them a craft that they may have learned as children to keep traditions alive!
  6. If your children have a summer reading list that he or she needs to keep up with, why not make it a family affair? Invite the whole family to come over for lunch or dinner to read a few chapters of the book to help them out with their summer homework and to find something to bond over. Reading is an activity that all generations of family can accomplish!
  7. If your children are of age to swim, consider going to the local pool or swimming in your own pool! Provided all family members have sunscreen and have shade easily accessible, all members of the family will love either swimming or watching the children play in the water! If you do not have access to a pool, buying some water toys and tools can help your family cool off in the summer heat and give the kids something to do to occupy their time.
  8. If the older members of your family are willing to travel for an hour or two, consider going on a very short road trip! You can find a place to stay for a night or simply go on a day trip to the nearest beach, lake or family friendly attraction. If traveling seems to be an issue, consider a stay cation where you and your family rent a budget friendly hotel or rental home for a night or two to simply spend time together and feel as though you were able to get away without going too far!
  9. Cooking is an activity that the whole family will seemingly enjoy, especially if they can eat whatever they are cooking in the end! Similar to the crafts, this is a wonderful time to pass down any family secrets or recipes that you have. If your children are not old enough to cook, consider baking, as that may require less effort and may be more fun for them!
  10. Sitting around and talking to one another should always be a priority and something that you look to make time for. During the summer months, consider gathering everyone to simply chat about what is going on in their lives and make new memories by simply talking! Good old fashioned quality time together is one of the best things you can do to bring the family together.

Summer time is the perfect time to bring the family together to enjoy each other’s company, while making new memories that will last a lifetime. We encourage you to take the time to try our top 10 list of summer activities to try with your family!

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