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Real Time Caregiver Monitoring System

Real Time Caregiver
Monitoring System

Each of our Caregivers has been carefully selected after completing and passing our 24-point screening process. Once our caretakers become part of the team, we provide them with industry-leading training in order to ensure that they are well-prepared to provide the best in home care for you or your loved one. Without a doubt, punctuality plays an important role within our industry and the livelihood of our senior clients. 24 Hour Home Care places an emphasis on arriving to you or your loved one’s residence at the correct time and on providing seniors with the best possible elder care through the end of each visit. We oversee all of our Caregivers’ visits by utilizing our Real Time Caregiver Monitoring System. The system allows us to log and notate the shifts they have scheduled, and records their attendance in real time. Should a Caregiver not arrive at a scheduled home within several minutes of their shift, we are quickly notified. In the event that this situation occurs, we immediately and continuously reach out to the Caregiver until it is verified that he or she has arrived to the scheduled home safely.

Real Time Caregiver Monitoring provides 24 Hour Home Care with countless benefits, including reducing manual documentation and minimizing potential human errors. The data collected from our system easily integrates into our billing process, making it more accurate and efficient. It enables our team to actively manage our Caregivers’ schedules and resolve any issues that may arise. Most importantly, it improves communication between our Caregivers and our offices, so that we may provide and produce better in home care for you and your loved ones.